Your First Scuba Gear: Dive Mask (Part 2)

Hello again my fellow compressed air breathing friends!

Previously, I’d mentioned about the importance of owning your own mask. Now, I’ll tell you the considerations of how to tell if a mask fits you. So… here goes!

Scubapro Spectra 2 Mask in Clear and Pink.


After picking out a few designs that catch your eye, get your hair and the straps out of the way and place the mask over your face. The skirting should rest evenly on your face without any gaps.

1st test: Inhale once normally through your nose and hold your breath to create a suction. Proceed to shake your head, look up, look down. Ensure the mask doesn’t fall off and stays in place. Listen for any sounds that might indicate air leaking into the mask. If so, the mask may not be fitting for your facial structure.

2nd test: Inhale again through your nose and hold your breath, checking if you’re able to fully pinch your nose and pop your ears, this step is to test if you can equalize with the mask over your face.
Ultimately, you’ll probably find a few masks that fits your face and nose structure. From there you can narrow your choices down to design, colour and functions. Else, don’t ever give up your search for ‘The Mask’.


Single or Dual lens? Hmm… it really all comes down to preference. However if you’re getting prescription lenses, you probably would like to stick with dual lens (unless you’re one really lucky fella to have the same degree on both eyes, then by all means go ahead for single lens). Otherwise, a single lens would generally give you a larger peripheral vision, hence a wider range of view.


Then there’s mask skirting. Material is key, then comes colour.

You will find quality mask skirts are usually made of silicone. General rule of thumb is to avoid plastic skirting. There are skirtings made of plastic and can be quite stiff, meaning to say.. inflexible. This will definitely not give you a good seal plus they’re not meant to last very long. In the end, you’ll just waste your hard earned money. Throwing plastic away isn’t environmentally friendly too BTW 🙁

So definitely make sure the mask feels comfortable before you actually make that purchase!
Opaque vs. Clear; what’s the difference anyway? IMO, clear skirting masks allows for more light to pass through. Diving in more shadowed waters with a clear skirting would definitely be a bonus. However, overtime clear mask skirting does turn yellowish. Alternatively, opaque skirting masks blocks out direct light that shine to top of some divers would otherwise find blinding which disturb your vision. Furthermore it wouldn’t discolour.

My recommendation: Gull Vader!

With the above mentioned considerations, I chose Gull Vader and never looked back! Something really special about Gull Vader is that they have a wide variety of colours to choose from to match your style! Feature wise, this really unique wide angled mask has polarized lens for much better visibility and contrast, just like UHD television! Plus there’s UV tint protection for your precious, precious eyes. The skirting itself is extremely velvety soft too! You know how when you return to the boat to remove your mask and sometimes your friends have this imprinted mask shape over their faces? Well, never have that embarrassing experience with your own Gull Vader! This equipment is truly a work of art! Definitely highly recommended to give it a try!! 😀

Gull Vader Masks

Scubapro Neoprene Mask Strap Cover in Black. Available in other dual-sided colours too!

Mask Strap Covers:

Ladies, I’m extremely sure you are familiar with this tugged on your hair feeling every time you remove your masks. If you have yet to experience this, trust me, protect your previous mane and invest a little more in a mask strap cover. Whatever your hair length (yes, even for too guys), that tug is not a good feeling at all, what’s worst is if your frindge or parts of your hair gets tangled around your mask. Easy-to-install and with added velcro ensures the mask strap stays in place, enhancing your comfort during dives. Strongly recommended for everyone 🙂 Of course you can always check out our range of choices at Amazing Dive! As usual, do contact us @9677 3627 in advance, just to ensure we’re not out there scuba diving with our most loved scuba diving gears.

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