Why We Keep Coming Back To Malapascua

Malapascua is a pretty, white-sand island off Cebu, Philippines. This island is one of those dive sites that has something for everyone: seahorses to sharks, and walls and wrecks to beautiful little islands! Here are three reasons you should dive Malapascua, too.

Thresher Sharks

Monad Shoal, the highest point of an undersea mountain off the shore of Malapascua, is presumably the only place on the planet where you can dependably observe thresher sharks, strange animals, whose bodies are half tail. At around three meters in length, they're remarkably elegant as they roam through the water in a custom dance with cleaner fish.

You won't see the sharks using their tail for hunting, here, however we saw a couple breaching the surface, which is extremely uncommon. With their ambiguously gormless faces, little mouths and by and large zen demeanor, these inquisitive, intelligent creatures are a portion of the most pleasant sharks to plunge with: there's none of the feeling that you have to watch your back that you get with hammerheads, or even the bigger reef sharks.

Why We Keep Coming Back To Malapascua

Mating Mandarinfish

At dusk it's about the mandarinfish—who turn out to mate as the sun plummets. These tiny, brilliantly shaded fish love coral rubble. It's dazzling to watch the fish chasing each other, through the coral, until the point when they transcend the staghorns and mate like pairing hummingbirds.

Why We Keep Coming Back To Malapascua

Hammerhead Sharks

In season (January to April), hammerheads do come to Kemod Shoal, another seamount. Gato Island has a beautiful, genuinely shallow swim through where you'll regularly observe reef sharks hanging out, surrounded cinematically against the mouth of the cave, while infant white-tips rest in smaller caves.

Why We Keep Coming Back To Malapascua


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