What to do in Pulau Hantu?

Scuba diving in Pulau Hantu guarantees an ethereal affair. Regardless of its denying name, the island is as yet a most loved among day-trippers and campers who are searching for an energizing open air understanding. Here are a portion of the magnificent things you can do in this isle:


Notwithstanding its restricting name, Pulau Hantu is as yet a most loved among campers and day-trippers due to its one of a kind milieu. Anticipate a dreamlike affair when outdoors on this island.


Pulau Hantu is likewise an astounding angling grounds! The island will astound you with its rich fish and other marine species.

Macro Diving

Pulau Hantu scuba diving claims to large scale diving fans as there are visit sightings of seahorses, blue mythical beasts, flatworms, ocean slugs and other full scale animals.

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