Unraveling the Unblemished Island of  Lombok

Less popular than its neighbor Bali, Lombok is an uncrowded island located in the West Nusa Tenggara, a province in Indonesia. While consistently a large number of voyagers targeHere mass tourism is as yet obscure. From uncrowded and isolated dream beaches, delectable cuisines and awesome culture, the island of Lombok sure have it.


Gunung Rinjani rules Lombok's geography, and is a certain spot to draw in trekkers. Once on the summit, seeing dazzling sunrises and volcanic calderas, and a feeling of vanquishing the entire island, are rewards for the tired. Green trekking exercises make it possible to give something back to this genuinely awesome, powerful wellspring of fluid magma, sanctified to both Sasaks and Hindus. It's also possible to while away a few dazzling hours moving in little-passed by Taman Wisata Alam Kerandangan.


From Desert Point in the west to Ekas in the east, this variegated movement of strait, reefs and harsh deltas gives the best number and nature of breaks in Lombok. Not at all like Bali, when surfing peaks in the dry season (April to October), Lombok's breaks are as a rule completing it in the midst of the wet (for the most part November to March). Kuta, almost the entire way along the float, is the ordinary base for wave-seeking after.


Talk about Lombok diving and various divers will tell you about the Gili Islands—Trawangan, Air and Meno. Best choices among pilgrims and honeymooners, the Gilis offer simple diving, white-sand beaches and heaps of turtles. Dive centers in the Senggigi zone, in the northwest of region Lombok, similarly bolster these dive goals.  Regardless, there is more to Lombok diving—and impressively more remains yet to be found. Next to the north Gilis, the most made diving locale on the island is the southwest. Not as much as a group of dive centers at exhibit work in this remote bit of Indonesia, so there is a better than average probability you will have dive goals to yourself. Flanking reefs are home to different kinds of fragile coral, making ideal hiding spots for full scale life.


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