The Swan’s Island in Malaysia – (By Nicholas Tan)

Still remember why Scuba Divers continue dive education and diving the PADI way?

Meet People! Go Places! Do Things!

I am pretty sure most of the divers I met has enjoy this new adventure and made lots of new friends during their dive trips – Especially after completing their Open Water Courses!

2 common topics are usually discussed after the Open Water Course.

1: When are we taking our Advance Course?

2: Where are we going to Scuba Dive Next?

Amazing Dive has been actively looking for new, exciting diving destinations. Like to know where are we bringing you this year? Check out Our 2014 trip Calendar Here!

Too Spoilt for choices now? Let’s start looking at the closer destinations one by one.. =)

Start off with our neighbour one causeway apart – Malaysia!

East Coast Dive Sites
East Coast Dive Sites

Which areas in Peninsular Malaysia have you dived before?
For me personally, I’ve been to Sibu, Tioman, Dayang, Perhentian. Mostly on the eastern coast.

Every place offers a different experience. Even if I were to return to the same place again, there is always new discovery.
This curiosity for new discovery always make me want go venture into new places.

One of these “new places” I’m looking forward to is the “Swan Island” – Pulau Tenggol. (Tenggol in Bahasa Melayu means “To Perch”. ‘Swan Island’ is the name local Malaysian Chinese calls it.)

Tenggol - To Perch - Rest & Relax
Tenggol – To Perch – Rest & Relax

I’ve heard a lot about Pulau Tenggol, mainly from my Malaysian, Diver friends. As the name suggested, Pulau Tenggol is a place “for a good rest”. Located very near to nature, it is a good breakaway from our routine city life.  Even my brother, who is a fussy diver, praised Pulau Tenggol for its peaceful environment, clear waters, beautiful corals and good variety of marine life.

However, I have yet to visit Pulau Tenggol. Situating near to nature has its setbacks. My attempt to plan for a trip there turn out nothing as going there is quite a hassle. No direct public bus from Singapore, unfamiliar with roads and traffic conditions, fixed ferry transfer timings during the day, all and all has created too much uncertainty and to little margin for errors. So eventually, i drop the plan to travel up alone.

However, I did not give up!! I was still paying attention to how to get there in a convenient manner and was looking if there are any Live-aboards  or any dive operator who brings divers to Pulau Tenggol. I was sooooo thrilled when Amazing Dive decided to arrange group departures to Pulau Tenggol!

Why the thrill? Imagine the convenience of having a transport that brings you straight to the destination, ferry transfer timings catered to your arrival and return, and achieving these without the need to lift your own finger. So having a group departure is good! Transport, food, accommodation pre-arranged, lots of uncertainty removed from a dive trip. =)

From my research on the place, I also found out that diving in that place gives me the chance to meet my favorite whale shark and mantas!! Well not a sure encounter, however, I personally love little surprises with marine life!

In fact, Pulau Tenggol is also famous for marine life such as eagle rays, leopard shark, bumphead parrotfish, turtles, yellowtail fusilier, nudibranchs, giant clams, other stingrays, batfishes and many more!

Turtles in Malaysia!
Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray


There are over 20 dive sites to choose from. Be it the novice who just got their dive certificate or the experienced ones looking for challenges, Pulau Tenggol have something for everyone!

Looking at those findings above, they are definitely attractions that pulls me, likewise many other divers, to want to visit that place to experience it’s serenity and the beautiful environment.

What adds on to this excitement for the upcoming Pulau Tenggol trip – IT IS MY FIRST DIVE TRIP IN THIS YEAR’S MALAYSIAN SEASON! WOOHOO!! =P

So definitely looking forward to my departure to Pulau Tenggol!

Tenggol Divesite Map
Tenggol Divesite Map

And if you like, you can do your Advance Open Water course at Pulau Tenggol too! Deep dive, wreck dives, shore dives, night dives and many other adventure dives are waiting for you at Pulau Tenggol.

So many reasons to join me to Pulau Tenggol from the 6th to the 9th of March! It will definitely be more fun if we have more people on board!

Unable to take time off in March? No worries! Amazing Dive will be organizing group departure to Pulau Tenggol on a bi-monthly basis to the end of the year.

Here’s the schedule for 2014.

Group Trips:

6 – 9 March 2014 (Filling up fast – Happening in 2 weeks time!)

9 – 12 May 2014

25 – 28 July 2014

25 – 28 Sept 2014

So many reasons to be on the trip, don’t miss the chance and grab this convenience to explore a diving in Malaysia that you don’t get to go on normal days!

Now, remember why Scuba Divers continue diving and dive education?
Go Places, Meet People, Do Things!!


– written by Nicholas (who can’t wait go to to Tenggol!)

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