Counter Darkness With The Revenger

Are you scare of the Dark? If you are, than you have yet to live life to the fullest!!!

Those words above would have remind those born in the 80s about the Guinness Stout advertisement by George Lim.

Today we will be talking something that is very related about Light and Darkness – Dive Torches!!

So let me take a chance to share with you a great product that is in Amazing Dive Store!!

Imagine a dive torch that is……. Light Weight, Compact, Durable, Bright, Multi Functions, Stylish, Sleek Metallic Finishing, Environment Friendly. Reasonably Priced. Does that sounds like too good to be true?

I would say after using the NITECORE SRT 7 dive torch for about 9 months now, the torch has been amazing and it has became one of my must-bring dive equipment along my dive trips.

First let us look at it’s hardware and features: (For now, we let pictures do the talking)

NITECORE SRT 7 ‘Revenger’
SRT 7 Features
SRT 7 Built
SRT 7 Dimensions
Smart Selector Ring
SRT 7 Smart Selector Ring


NITECORE SRT 6 ‘Night Officer’
SRT 6 features
SRT 6 features
SRT 6 Built
SRT 6 Built
SRT 6 Dimensions
SRT 6 Dimensions
SRT 6 Smart Selector Ring
SRT 6 Smart Selector Ring


Not yet impressed by it? Of course! Well, I guess we will want to see real performances ourselves…

You can take a look at the impressive result it yield from the Depth Test Video & the Dive Demo Video.

Also you can take a look at my personal videos with the SRT 7 Revenger.

Black Blotched Stingray Night Hunt Video and Sharks, Moray & Jacks Night Hunt Video both videos are taken during my trip to The Maldives. Sorry for the shaky video. Lots of big fishes are hunting base on where our hot spots are shining, currents were strong, so the night dive was pretty intense for me.


SRT 7 at work
SRT 7 at work.

This is taken during a day dive at a dive site with low visibility. There is able a Strobe, Beacon, Red & Blue light mode that will come extremely handy in event of the unforeseen. What I really love about the torch is, it allows me to be seen easily by my buddies or students and I can also lower the brightness so that I will not scare fishes away during my night dives.
The next thing that appeals me is the accessories that comes in the box – quality holster, removable clip, tactical ring and a lanyard. These accessories allows me to customize the use and placement of my torch easily. Save the trouble of going down the Army Market to look for something that fits my setup. The spare tail cap button and spare O-ring also make self repair on wear and tear damages easier.

Out Of The Box - SRT 7

Out Of The Box – SRT 7

 Next convenience that NITECORE brought to me was rechargeable batteries and the very versatile battery rechargers!

First, my Li-Ion battery with 3100mAh capacity is able to last for nearly 2 hours on a full charge. Than, the Intellicharger I2 and I4 besides able to supply power to my SRT 7, I can easily charge up the AAA size batteries for my secondary dive torch. Not to forget, the use of rechargeable batteries means lesser wastage and less time spent on shopping for replenishments. So a little investment solves 3 problems for me! The best part is the chargers can be use for a wide range of sizes, so in future even if I require batteries of different sizes, my Intellicharger still stay with me providing me with power every dive.

i4 Specifications
i4 Specifications
i2 Specifications
i2 Specifications
Intelligent auto-detect & select charging modes.
Intelligent auto-detect & select charging modes.
Charges Li-Ion, Ni-Mh & Ni-Cd batteries.
Charges Li-Ion, Ni-Mh & Ni-Cd batteries.

So remember I said my NITECORE products has became my must-bring equipment for all my dive trips?

See what I meant earlier? These little gadgets light up my dives, allows me to GO Greener and gave me the confidence during my dive as it plays the role of not just a torch, but a safety device.

As for the SRT 6, ‘The Night Officer’, I would say it’s very very similar to the SRT 7. Only difference? It would be the RGB lights which the SRT 7 has. However, in terms of brightness and dive performance, it’s clearly shown in the demo videos. I did tried to play around with it at the shop, it was really good too. Same quality, same feel, similar size. The 930 lumens that the SRT 6 offers is equally powerful for lighting up the place. So I would say one will not lose out if they have the SRT 6. However looking at the price difference, who won’t want more features? =P

With all the above packed in a single device, investing in a NITECORE does not burn any holes in the wallet. Retail price for SRT 6 at $150 and the SRT 7 is $175. Rechargeable batteries starts from $19 and the all versatile i2 charger is only $28!!

My personal experience on my little investments on the NITECORE series? Very worth it and long lasting! =)

Come take a look at it yourself to believe!! Stocks are in Amazing Dive Store!! Call Amazing Dive at 9677 3627 for an appointment to try out the torches!!

See You Soon!!

– above post written by Nicholas