Amazing Christmas 2013


Ok I am half accurate as it is Boxing Day for SIngapore today. However, remember the other side of Earth that is still celebrating Christmas now?

Let’s all enjoy this Meaningful Festival regardless where we are, who we are.

We all know Scuba Diving is a lot about making friends, sharing joy and participating in activities. This Christmas was slightly more heartfelt as I got a chance to be part of the “Secret Santa” gift exchange.

Unlike the usual “blind” gift exchange when I just prepare a general gift for whoever lucky (or not). This time, I know who my receiver is and I would need to secretly prepare this gift without him/her knowing. Through the drawing lot manner, i got to prepare for one of the lady crew. Oh no~~ Ladies gift, usually harder to buy. Fortunately, I was scheduled to be on a trip to Maldives. So instantly I know I am able to get something nice for the “Lady Scuba Diver”.

Over at The Maldives, there were too many things. After narrowing down all the choices, I decided to get a lovely looking Turtle Sarong for her, thinking that it is both practical and personal gift.

Cute turtle sarong all the way from The Maldives

Christmas Eve is the day we will unwrap and guess who the “Secret Santa” is! So every staff from various departments gathered together with lots of anticipation.

As the receivers names are called out, they will unwrap their present in front of everybody and than make a guess on who gave them that present.

It was heart warming because, most of the presents are quite personalized. Like one who have been using a old bag pack, received a new one. Another lady who loves a particular brand of cosmetic products got “free refills” because “Secret Santa” manage to find out that “refills are needed”. This is a sign of close working relationships.

I was, in fact, much more amazed that most of the receivers can guess who their “Santa” was!!

Even for myself, who receive a book from the exchange (ok don’t laugh), immediately have 2 names popping out on my mind after unwrapping my gift! Strangely, one of the names was correct! hahaha..

How To Win Friends & Influence People In The Digital Age….

As for me, personally, my receiver was on medical leave that very day, so the event organizer had her present unwrapped by her representative – her boyfriend.

I guess she would have like the present if she had received it personally. She messaged me after the event  and said “Thank you for the present. My boyfriend said I got a “table cloth”!!!” hahahaha.. I could not stop laughing after reading it!! But I really hope she likes it when she finally sees it.

Alright, let us take a look at what are the presents given during this gift exchange!! (photos are use to represent actual gifts)

Bags and Bags of Chips for the Snack Lovers!!
Gentle Teddy for the Angry Boy..
For the one who has a tight schedule.
Music on all occasions!
For the Pirate Inspired Divers!
For The Multipurpose Repair Man!!           (No joke! It was in the list!!  =P)
For The Stylish Lady On Wednesday Night!
All Packed for 2014!!
Best Gift for Christmas 2013!!
What is it?
Who got it?
Who sent it?
Let it all be a Mystery!!


Sure we have lots of fun this year!
We hope you enjoy your Christmas too!!

Looking ahead, a brand new year is approaching. Amazing Courses, Amazing Dive Trips, Amazing Happenings. Be sure that Amazing Dive is going to have lots of surprises for you in 2014!! Stay tuned!!!

Before signing off, I like to, on behalf of Amazing Dive and all her Crew Members, wish everyone A Merriest Christmas and A Joyous New Year!!



By Nicholas

Amazing Crew