Why Stop at Open Water ?


The next step after being certified as an Open Water Diver with SSI, would be to be an Advanced Adventurer.


Sleep, eat, dive and repeat – That was how I spent my weekend for the end of June.

Onboard MV Nautica with Pulau Tioman set as her destination, I was ecstatic for to get my Advanced Adventurer (AA) certificationTogether with me were Tracy and Yan Ni, the other two DMAs who were going to get their Open Water Diver (OWD) certification.

We arrived at Punggol Marina Country Club at 5.30pm and met with the boat crew of MV Nautica. There were 6 of them onboard – Am, Alian, Anwar, Jul, Jung Jung and John. The former three were mainly in charged of dive deck operations such as helping the divers to gear up as quickly as possible and steering the dinghy. Anwar was the engineer for the boats’ engines and Jung Jung was the chef that cooked all the delicious food on board! Captain John made sure that the boat was on her path. Lastly, Robin was the cruise director of MV Nautica. All these individuals made our dive trip an even more enjoyable experience!

After all the customers arrived onboard, the engines roared and the boat gradually drifted away from the jetty.

Photos of us passing by a luxurious cruise, MV Nautica ‘s Sun Deck where we can enjoy the sea breeze between dives and chill under the stars at night and an open air dining area where we have our meals and relax, plus a photo of divers mingling around before we set sail.

Bye Bye Singapore, Hello Malaysia!

We were given a short briefing and introduction about the ship and her crew as well as the available amenities and instructors in charged of us. There is free-flow of coffee, tea, milo and biscuits too! ?

I was paired with my dive buddy, Zhen Yuan, and grouped with Tracy and Yan Ni, under our instructor, Zhihao. We called Zhihao, Scott instead. Scott was a very jovial individual which strongly resonated his burning passion for scuba diving. He always emphasized on our safety and his briefings were clear and easy to understand. The rest of the customers were leisure divers. After the briefing by our individual instructors, we then broke off to head back to our bunks to rest. As the rest of the customers retreat to their rooms, the three of us – Tracy, Yan Ni and me, explored the boat

After a good nights’ rest, I was ready for my adventure. The view that I woke up to was simply beautiful! On Saturday, I did a total of 5 dives, with the last dive as a night dive. The below listed are the dive sites and information on what I did to get certified as an AA diver.
  • Pirate reef
    • Practiced neutral buoyancy by experimenting with different placements of weights (e.g. weights in BCD, nearer to upper body)
  • Chebeh
    • As there was no sandy bottom, and coral reefs filled the dive site, my dive buddy and I did a leisure dive where we followed Scott and we managed to spot a sea turtle.
  • Labas
    • Skill that was taught and practiced was navigation. This was followed by a leisure dive where we swam along reef walls.
  • Sipadan/Sawadee Wreck
    • We did a deep and wreck dive combined. Visibility was not as good compared to the previous dives but I was able to appreciate the beauty of the sunken ships.
  • Renggis
    • For my final dive, I did a night dive. I spotted a cuttlefish, barracuda and a large pufferfish.

For this dive trip, my favorite dive would had to be one where we swam along the coral reef wall where the marine life was in abundance! The next would be the night dive. The night dive begins at sunset, hence it was a really unique experience whereby I got to watch the underwater world come to life right in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, I do not have any underwater images or videos which I would have loved to share with everyone. The food was so so so good! Meals were provided in between dives, buffet style. One of the highlights of the trip was the barbeque dinner that was provided on Saturday night. This was the period of time where I guess most of the divers would overeat. With constant flow of food coming from the kitchen, maybe this was why some divers put on weight overtime if they do live onboards frequently? Haha! It’s definitely worth it – The hassle-free transportation without the need to unload and unload equipment and our well-being taken care of by the amazing crew was wonderful. The divers were all happy and full by the time we did our last dive. Everyone from boat crew to customers were all friendly and encouraging, sharing their experiences and stories with everyone. I would like to thank my instructor, Scott, for being such a positive instructor! I would also like to thank Zhen Yuan for being a great dive buddy as well. It really made my entire trip even more pleasant. I was very lucky to have done my AA course onboard MV Nautica and I count my blessings for that! ?[

Goodbye Malaysia, I will be back!

On to the next adventure,

Your weekends are precious, make sure you’re doing something extraordinary.

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Diving into Amazing Journeys in 2014

Setting your New Year plans now?

You should if you havent!!

Just last week, we celebrated Christmas. With all the joy, laughter and thanksgiving, in a short time, we now all have to look into a new beginning on the calendar.

2014 is knocking on the door. It might be time to work toward a new career breakthrough, it might be marriage plans, moving house, climbing to a higher peak or even going to a new place.

In 2014, Amazing Dive has done up irresistible dive travel for all Amazing Divers!! Beside going to our usual favourites, we have new addition of Raja Ampat!! Let’s take a look what exciting destinations are available for 2014!!

First let us have a look at the year’s travel plans.

Amazing 2014 Travel
Amazing Dive Travel 2014

Excited already? Look further and you’ll see the different options and availability.

Dive Sipadan
Dive Sipadan, Mabul & Kapalai Island

Available for diving all year round, Sipadan Island is ranked as one of the top ten diving destinations in the world. The island’s deep walls and numerous caves is well know among divers all round the world.
Located in the Celebes Sea just off East Malaysia, travellers fly in from Tawau airport and transfer to Semporna for a boat ride to Mabul or Kapalai Island.

Spotting big turtles and white tip reef sharks is almost guaranteed for divers at Sipadan Island. At the same time, huge schools of barracudas and jacks fish (giant trevally), who love to put up their captivating tornado swim performance, never fail to mesmerize scuba everytime.

The nearby Mabul and Kapalai Islands is the treasure ground for the small to macro marine life lovers such as nudibranchs, pipefish, juvenile harlequin sweetlips, mandarin fishes and even the blue ring octopus!

Suitable for: Experienced Divers.

Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air, Land and Boat transfers

Group Departure Date:

24th – 29th Apr

27th Jun – 2nd July

Dive Tenggol
Dive Tenggol

Tenggol Island is located at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Its marvellous marine life varieties, turtles and huge range of coral reefs make it a wonderful diving spot. Splendid diving conditions made it suitable for the adventure seekers.

Suitable for: New & Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Land and Boat transfers

Group Departure Date:

6th – 9th Mar

9th – 12th May

25th – 28th July

25th – 28th Sep


Dive Redang
Dive Redang

First made popular to all beach lovers by a Hong Kong Movie, Summer Holiday, in year 2000. Redang has always been a top choice for divers from Singapore and Malaysia. The availability of wide range of dive sites made it a great place to start with your diving adventure. Not to forget, there are also challenging dive sites for the more experienced diver. The snorkellers and beach lovers would also love the beautiful sandy landscape and clear blue waters. A great place for everyone

Suitable for: New & Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Land and Boat transfers

Group Departure Date:

17th – 20th Apr

26th – 29th Jun

28th – 31st Aug

23th – 26th Oct


Dive Layang Layang
Dive Layang Layang

Known as “The Jewels of the Borneo Banks”, Layang-Layang is the ideal dive destination with warm crystal clear waters rich in both pelagic and macro diving. Coral walls plunge down to the sea floor 2000 metres below as barracuda, hawksbill turtles, manta rays, and tuna swim in the nearby open ocean. The most sought after creature here is the hammerhead sharks which are found in abundance during the April-May mating season.

Suitable for: Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air & Boat transfers

Group Departure Date: 15th – 20th May (Limited Spaces Only!)

Dive Lembeh
Dive Lembeh

Muck diving is all about spotting tiny underwater critters, species that you would normally not look for or find easily during a regular dive. Diving at Lembeh Straits means you are on the lookout for numerous weird but amazing looking species, especially from echinoderms group. The uniqueness and beauty will surely make you fall in love with them. It is no surprise that divers around the world make their way to Lembeh to dive in this strait. For obvious reasons Lembeh is a real paradise for those that are into underwater macro photography.

Suitable for: New & Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air & Land transfers

Group Departure Date:  29th Jan – 3rd Feb (Limited Spaces Only!)


Dive Manado, Bunaken
Dive Manado, Bunaken

The Bunaken Island National Marine Park in Manado has the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. Home to an extended range of fish and coral variety, divers can find the smallest shrimp to reefs sharks and eagle rays. Fulfilling interests of divers of all kinds.

Suitable for: New & Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air & Land transfers

Group Departure Date: 10th – 15th Sep



Dive Raja Ampat
Dive Raja Ampat

Travellers who have been to Raja Ampat will never forget its beauty. Located inside Earth’s coral triangle, Raja Ampat is, no doubt, rated the top dive spot in the world. Besides housing the smallest shrimp to the huge manta rays. Many divers come here to witness the unique marine species never found at any where else in the world.

Suitable for: Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Live-A-Board (LOB)

Travel Mode: Air transfers

Group Departure Date:  3rd – 10th Oct


Dive Bali
Dive Bali

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bali is a very popular dive holiday destination. Dive in the world famous USS Liberty ship wreck at Tulamben, chance an encounter with the rare Mola Mola at Nusa Penida or expand your macro photography collection at Amed. There is always a good reason to travel back to Bali for more! One will really never know just what they might see in this ever-changing underwater jewel.

Suitable for: New & Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air & Land transfers

Custom Departure Date: Contact us to find more out!


Dive Donsol
Dive Donsol

Donsol is one of the very few places in the world where it is possible to see whale sharks on a regular basis. These gentle giants gather from December until May yearly. Plankton in the local waters drawn in by the currents will attract the whale sharks to feed. Frequent sighting of the whale sharks has drawn an increasing numbers of people to this remote area to meet them.

Suitable for: Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air & Boat transfers

Group Departure Date: 12th – 16th Mar


Dive Malapascua
Dive Malapascua

One of the few places in the world that you have a good chance of seeing Thresher Sharks! Just 20 minutes by boat from Malapascua, Monad shoals is the house to the Thresher Sharks. Their early appearance means an early start for the divers – often leaving at 5.00am! Occasionally manta rays and hammerheads are seen here as well.

Suitable for: Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air & Boat transfers

Group Departure Date: 4th – 8th Jun


Dive Maldives
Dive Maldives

The nation of more than a thousand islands, with less than 300 are inhabited. The Maldives consists of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean and has its highest point just about 2 meters above sea levels. On land The Maldives is flat with lots of beautiful white sandy beaches. Underwater, surrounded by excellent reefs and abundance marine life, The Maldive is a dream destination to many around the world. Together with some of the finest live-aboard dive boats and luxury resorts on the globe, the impression combination for an unforgettable dive vacation.

Suitable for: Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Live-aboard (LOB)

Travel Mode: Air transfers

Group Departure Date: 

11th – 20th Apr (Limited Spaces Only!)

26th Apr – 3rd May

12th – 21st Sep (FULL!)

20th – 27th Dec



Dive Similan
Dive Similan

The wonderful formation of of nine islands made The Similan Island the top dive destination in Thailand.

(<Similan means “9” in the Malay language> Ko Bon, Ko Bayu, Ko Similan, Ko Payu, Ko Miang (two adjoining islands), Ko Payan, Ko Payang, and Ko Huyong.)

These islands housed colorful reefs, abundant variety of corals and marine life. Similan islands are usually accessed by liveaboards from Khao Lak and Phuket, it is also one of the most sought after destination during the Malaysia monsoon seasons.

Suitable for: Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Live-aboard (LOB)

Travel Mode: Air & Land transfers

Group Departure Date: 

3rd – 7th Jan (FULL)

18th – 23rd Nov


Dive Phuket
Dive Phuket

Phuket Island has some good dive sites and is the base for the largest diving centre in Thailand. Both the hard and soft coral reefs around the area are in a healthy condition. Therefore attracting a good amount of marine life. The wide range of dive locations offers a good selection to divers of all levels.

Suitable for: New & Experienced Divers.
Dive Accommodation: Dive Resort

Travel Mode: Air transfer

Custom Departure Date: Contact us to find more out!


Start 2014 With Non- Stop Dive Adventures Throughout The Year!!!

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I am totally excited to start 2014! Join me together for the adventures!!

Happy New Year Amazing Divers!!

Greetings & Well Wishings from All Amazing Dive Crew.


Creativity Goes Onto MV Nautica!

What is the best way to spend your December holidays?
Eat-Sleep-Dive FOR FREE!


This year, you may have your wish come true with MV Nautica!!

To celebrate the festive season with our Amazing Divers, we are working with our partner, MV Nautica to present to you a Snap & Win Contest.

Simply tell us why do you like diving on board MV Nautica by capturing your story in a photo, share this thought with your friends and you’ll stand a chance to win a free trip for 2 on board MV Nautica.

We are offering you the best we can – the Premium Room!

It is easy to take part in this contest.

1: Come down to Amazing Dive with your creative ideas & take a photo with your favorite caption we have!

2: Tell us what would you like us to say on your photo for you

Before you leave, do remember to like us at Nautica Diving & Amazing Dive Facebook Page.

Contest will end on the 18th Dec 2013 at 12noon and we will be announcing the lucky winner for the FREE pair of tickets during our Christmas Event held at 37 Hong Kong Street on 19th of December 2013 at 7:00PM. (Food and drinks will be served in this little get together party)

For more information on the contest, please feel free to leave us a comment or drop us an email!

As we are talking we are receive lots of entries from our creative, enthusiastic diver!

Here are some of the entries receive by Amazing Dive! Which are your favourites?

Expressions all prepared!
I Am Diving With MV Nautica Because...I have a Cute Minion Instructor.. I like to dive with him again!!
I Am Diving With MV Nautica Because…I have a Cute Minion Instructor.. I like to dive with him again!!


I am diving with MV Nautica because...I AM A DIVING QUEEN!!
I am diving with MV Nautica because…I AM A DIVING QUEEN!!


I Am Diving With MV Nautical Because....I AM A FISH!! CLOWN FISH!!
I Am Diving With MV Nautical Because….I AM A FISH!! CLOWN FISH!!


 We Are Diving With MV Nautica Because ... "OUCH!! It Hurts when We Can't DIVE with her!!! T-T"

We Are Diving With MV Nautica Because …
“OUCH!! It Hurts when We Can’t DIVE with her!!! T-T”


We Are Diving From MV Nautica Because.... We Live to EAT-SLEEP-DIVE!!!
We Are Diving From MV Nautica Because….
We Live to EAT-SLEEP-DIVE!!!




These are some of the few entries from the contest. Check out Nautica Diving Facebook Page for more photos and tell us which is your favourite!
Join Us In The Fun! This would be another good way to let out and get creative too!
Keen to express yourself?
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Voice of a PADI Dive Instructor

As a PADI Dive Professional, the real learning starts after our PADI Instructor Examination.

PADI Instructor Examination might have been a stressful few weeks for many (including myself), with all the ongoing preparations. Be it the theory, where you seem to have to swallow the book of knowledge down to your heart or the practical skills that we aim for perfection during our training.

It have been almost 6 months since my graduation with Asia Dive Academy. When I look back to my Instructor Development Course , as much as all these skills and knowledge are important to the examination and practicality when an instructor conduct a course, it became so clear after the examination itself that my learning journey had just begun.

As my experience with Amazing Dive grew by weeks and trips, I realized that it takes more than just passing down the skills and knowledge to a diver to benefit them. It is also the preparation for the lesson plans, the trip logistic, making the trip safe and even conveying conservation ethnic. After all, what kind of instructor would I be, to have 1 more student under my teaching, only to have 1 more diver being unaware that the living organisms around him are vulnerable.

All these little learning opportunities are important points especially for an organisation of dive professionals, which I believe should be conversed to a uniformed voice to conserve what we have before it is lost.

Every bi-monthly, Asia Dive Academy organizes a gathering for all instructors within the organization (consisting of multiple dive shops). During the gathering we would aim to hear voices from different instructors, feedbacks are shared and training are discussed.

Family of Instructors at Asia Dive Academy…









As a full time instructor with Amazing Dive, this was definitely necessary for me to get to know what other instructors have for me to learn. Be it a hiccup they encountered on a trip, dealing with unprofessional behavior seen or tips on coaching students with difficulty on their skill, it helps me learn to prevent a situation on trip without having to go through the situation.

Looking at over 30 PADI Dive Instructors during the gathering, with everyone coming from different back grounds, jobs and experiences but all for a common passion – spreading the love for diving while we learn to be better, I am definitely at the right place, with the right people and glad to be where I am, doing what I am doing.

By: Nicholas (The Minion Loving Dive Instructor)

Monsoon Season – Bidding Goodbye!

With more unpredictable rain falls, November marks the start of our monsoon. Which temporary puts our Tioman trips to a full stop for 2013.

With the companion of our PADI Open Water Course students and Leisure divers, the Amazing Dive Team started with a wet trip. As though to prepare us for our dives on Saturday, the rain on Friday soaked us in our excitement and laughter. The rain persisted for the rest of the evening and only came to a stop just as our boat berthed by Salang Jetty. Allowing us to proceed comfortably toward Salang Beach Resort without much scrambling.

Saturday morning was beautiful, like a wish come true for a last trip to Tioman this year, the sky was blue with patches of clouds sitting on it. We had an average 12 to 15 metres of visibility during the day with sightings of turtles and ended our night dive at Soyak, bidding good bye to the cat shark! (Yes, we saw a cat shark at Soyak!)

The wind was picking up slightly on Sunday morning and we decided our dive site to be on Malang Rock. It was a right decision with at least 5 turtles waiting for us there where we have them filmed below:

Calm Turtle & Excited Divers. (Video credits to Jie Ling)

And some of photos taken during the trip:

73253_10151956605382744_646397811_n 1378897_10151956605312744_2013699669_n
1385554_10151956605457744_522576665_n 1391933_10151956605597744_1311635553_n david relaxing happy leisure divers hocck and ling jian an sharkunderwater is always relax(Photo credits to Jie Ling )

We bid the resort staff and boat crew goodbye with group hugs and much emotions on Sunday noon. Be it the staff, the resort, the food or the dives, we are definitely going to miss it badly this next 5 months!

Starting from this coming week, Amazing Dive will diving in Bintan Island and Southern Riau Islands. With monthly long haul trips to Maldives, Similan Island, Lembeh, Donsol, and many more! Do feel free to leave us a comment to ask for more details for trip destinations!

Xoxo! -The Amazing Dive Team

Knowing MV Nautica – Part 1

Hola Amazing Divers!

It has been awhile! We hope everyone is still enjoying the Amazing underwater world!

Have you been thinking of diving but feel that long journeys and multiple transfer is not really a thing for you?

Amazing Dive is proud and happy to announce her collaboration with MV Nautica since the start of October 2013 (which was also why we were all kept busy and did not have the time to update you till now). We will be sailing with MV Nautica weekly, even through monsoon!

MV Nautica, built in 2004, the 24m long steel hull boat puts scuba diving, good food, great company all into a marvelous combination. All thanks to the 3 deck design and the fantastic boat crew on board!

So we were sailing with her for the past few weeks, and here’s a heads up for you guys today!


Here’s the bow, it actually has a very nice spacious sun deck where one can get a good tan.

Tips for all dive trip: remember your sun tan lotion in your bag!

All hands at work!

Looking at her alongside, with tanks and gear neatly organized!

Neat, Tidy, Organized, Spacious! Rescue course in progress too!

Top: Us all geared up and ready to dive the next day!

Bottom: Help! Help! Call EMS! (P/S, no worries, it’s just our rescue diver with his instructor in training!)

And yes, we do conduct our PADI Rescue Course onboard! Don’t we all love playing victim? *Evil Grins!*

From the exterior of boat, now let us take a sneak peak at the interior of the Live Aboard!

The premier room that MV Nautica has, provide the most comfort among all other rooms, with bed catering to up to 3 pax (tested and proven). Well, of course, this is a twin-sharing room for couple, and not that we recommend any couple to bring anyone else in the room with you, the premier room is highly recommended for couples who would not mind paying a little bit more for their own privacy. This premier room have windows on both side of the room and a little study table beside the bed.

All other rooms have their individual mini-bar and window, every photo is taken base on natural lighting. Imagine a dive weekend with your loved one, or your dive buddies and waking up every morning with a sunrise view right beside you. Well, if you are a moon person, same goes!


1: Premium Double Room
2: Triple Share Room

3: Be Greeted By Sunrise!
4:En-suite Bathroom in Premier Double and all Triple Rooms.

There is a saying “if you want to capture someone’s heart, you need to go through the stomach”.

OmNomNomNom, my favorite portion of the Live Aboard have arrive, let me show you what is on the menu!

Delicious Foood…. WAIT!! Someone caught stealing food!! =P

This is just the tip of the ice berg.You will need to taste them to understand how mouth-watering it is.

We were also told that our chef even have a fan who actually sail to eat his cooking (and not to dive)!

Not to forget, there is a nice space on the dining area.

Dining Area

My next favorite spot would be the “Nap Deck”, which we informally named it. These mattresses which are placed on top of a wooden supported area right behind our dining tables provide an awesome experience, be it chilling or napping.With back support which apparently is at the right angle for your body to relax, wind coming through our face (like in some of the MTVs you see) and sea view, we spent 80% of our dry-times here

“Nap Deck”
Sweet dreams everybody!

That’s all folks for the main orientation of the Live Aboard, MV Nautica. Do stay tuned for our Part 2 of our dive journey where we will fill you in with more information on Riau Island Diving itself!

Join Us In This Amazing Exploration! 



See You Soon!!

Cheers from the Amazing Crew!
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