Sharks vs Humans : Who’s the killer?


Shark Ecology Class

From the classic shark movie “Jaws” to the most recent “47 Meters Down”, sharks are often portrayed as a dangerous, human-eating monster that people fear.

However, is this scary reputation justified?

The SSI Shark Ecology course gives you a chance to uncover the beauty behind the façade of these wonderful creatures.

There are over 500 species of sharks and there are still new ones being discovered by scientists.

Sharks are intelligent and curious animals that rarely ever attack humans. If they do bite, it’s because they are curious and investigating, or they confused humans as their food source such as seals, but not aiming for predation. Death usually occurs due to exsanguination from shark bite. They are selective eaters too.

Bony humans are not their cup of tea.

Sharks are apex predators that sit at near the top of the food chain.

They play a vital role in regulating the population of species below them to maintain a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem.

Without them, there would be drastic irreversible effect on the environment and humans.

In today’s world, many sharks are being legally and illegally fished at an unsustainable rate.

This is due to the high demand for shark fins soup, a cultural delicacy that symbolises wealth.

It is estimated that an astonishing 4065 million sharks are killed annually.

Coupled with the slow reproduction and rate, many species are listed as critically endangered.

Ironically, humans are doing more harm to the species when we should be afraid of them given the fearful impression media constantly tag sharks with.

Our interns attending a shark ecology class to help them identify the different types of sharks and also to learn more about this extremely misunderstood animals.

From the way a shark is build, the different type of sharks and the different ways they operate to how they reproduce, how they hunt and feed. There was so much to learn!

Who knew that there was more than just “man-eating monsters” to sharks.

Even the anatomy of a shark was so fascinating!

Learning about the different parts of a shark, the different senses they have and use for hunting even how to tell a male shark from a female shark!

We enjoyed the class so much, taught by Instructor Arshad & Evelyn. I have a whole new appreciation for sharks now and am no longer afraid or in a sense of “flight” if I see one while diving!

If I had to give one reason to why every diver should take shark ecology or any other of the ecology classes, it is because these classes really enriches your dives.

Being able to spot the different kinds of sharks, knowing what kind of sharks they are, their habits and behaviours really tells you much more about the dive site you are at.

Just like how being able to tell the different type of soft and hard corals, the different names of fishes will really making diving and spotting marine animals so much more fun!

Learn more about sharks and just how super awesome and cool they are!

Join us at our Shark Ecology class!

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