Product Feature – Scubapro Chromis; More Than Just A Dive Computer

One of the essential equipment that divers need to have is the Dive Computer. A dive computer provides information to aid the user plan their dives and dive their plan. This means diving within safety limits!

With that, we introduce the “sporty” dive computer – ScubaproChromis.

Topside or under water, this versatile wristwatch-style dive computer delivers features and performance at a very affordable price.” – SCUBAPRO

Scubapro Chromis in Classy Full Black

The ScubaproChromis is a multi-sport dive computer that has the looks and functions. With its sleek and stylish design, it is ready for action in and out of water. The polymer casing and marine grade stainless steel front ring and back plate makes it ultra-lightweight and robust. From exercising to travelling, the handy Chromis is convenient to wear as a regular wrist watch for daily routine.

On the surface, Chromis has all standalone wrist watch functions – full time-keeping, alarm clock, stop watch, dual time, and even a built-in altimeter. Under water, Chromis has full featured deco dive computer in 3 dive modes (ie Scuba, Gauge and Freediving) to fit any diving needs. The Scuba mode supports air and one nitrox mix from 21% – 100% O­­­2 for certified air and nitrox divers. Chromis is highly adaptable to any dive plan.

Chromis features a clear, large, high-contrast display with specially designed extra sharp characters. The display is tested and proven to be extremely easy to read under water at any angle and visibility. Audible and visible alarms are added to alert divers of safety limits too. All the essential information can be obtained at a glance so divers are thoroughly aware of the diving conditions and limits. Chromis zigzag strap is also cleverly designed to provide comfortable and secure fitting even when wetsuit is compressed under depth. For conservative divers, other than the automatic safety stop function, Chromis has a unique Profile Dependent Intermediate Stop (PDIS) which computes an intermediate stop to facilitate nitrogen release, based on the current and previous dives and breathing mixes used. A Microbubble (MB) levels system is also incorporated for divers to adjust the level of conservatism (L0 to L5) in the custom algorithm so the algorithm can better reflect and calculate the appropriate dive plan and limits required to accommodate different divers’ capabilities. A more experienced and younger diver may opt for less conservative dive with shorter safety stops while a tired diver may go for more conservative dive. With the flexibility to suit different divers’ needs and enhance safety features, divers can enjoy their dive without fret.

In addition, ScubaproChromis has a dedicated and interesting function for swimmers – Swim mode. Scubapro developed its own patented stroke counter for surface swimming. When Swim mode is activated, Chromis records strokes from the wrist or fin kicks from the ankle and calculate the distance and speed. An extra benefit for swimmers! Simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, the Chromis is definitely easy for anyone to pick up. Cycle smoothly through the menus to change settings and retrieve information. It can operate up to a depth of 120m and has an estimated battery life of 2 years or 300 dives. With proper care and maintenance, Chromis can accompany you for as many years, even up to a decade or more! Multi-functional dive computer + digital wrist watch with comprehensive functions + patented stroke counter for swimming = multi sport dive watch Scubapro Chromis. Perfect for watersports enthusiasts that desire high performance, multi-functional instrument. Dive in and own the sporty, versatile plus amazing Chromis now!

Available in 7 different colours – Black, White, Orange, Lime Green, Black/Gold, Full Black and Deep Blue to suit your style


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