Same Season, New Adventures..

Cracking your head and feeling troubled as Tioman Island is closed for the season?

I believe many divers would take this opportunity to arrange for a long haul dive trip holiday. Like you, we are also doing the same, with upcoming trips to places in Thailand, Indonesia and even Maldives, the "Always-Natural" paradise. Ask Us! For more information on our departure dates.

However, if you are one of those workaholics (voluntary or not) who are tied to your work commitments, fret not! This will be a crucial piece of news for you! Amazing Dive will be running weekend trips to Bintan Island! For those who have yet to pick up your PADI Open Water Diving Course and is only available for a weekend, you will be able to go for the trip with minimal disruption to your work schedule. The trip will only be departing on Saturday morning, and we will be back by Sunday evening! With food, accommodation, and dives included, leave your logistic plannings to us and enjoy your short holiday with us!

And as for the PADI Advance Open Water Course divers, come join us on board MV Nautica, and experience the difference between your regular trip and a Live Aboard trip, where we eat, sleep and dive without much travelling for a weekend, leaving from Friday evening and coming back on Sunday.

For our existing PADI Open Water Divers, here's something for you! Sign up this monsoon and enjoy a 10% OFF!

Some of the celebratory photos for the courses PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course completed.

Amazing PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

AOWD Course completed on 6th Oct 2013
AOWD Course on 6th Oct 2013
AOWD Course Completion on 27th October 2013
AOWD Course on 27th Oct 2013

Not forgetting some good games that are played during surface intervals. Filling our dive log with memories with a smile!

Spooooky Halloween
Spooooky Halloween

Halloween is now over, let us look forward for our next party on board this December.


Yes! We will be celebrating Christmas on MV Nautica this 20th to 22nd of December.

Join us in this season of give and stay tuned on our Facebook and Blog for more juicy details of the trip!

See You There!

I Dove on MV Nautica


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