PADI Divemaster Training Trip

Learning on board, ALL ABOARD!!
When you know that you have stepped into the next phase of your life with a new step taken, you will smile.


For 9 of the Dive Master Trainees on board the MV Nautica, it was all anticipation and excitement to learn a whole range of new skills and to better ourselves in diving! This special trip, for only DM trainings, is one of it kind in Singapore and seemingly, the world.
All the hungry and food deprived faces reached the Nongsa Port in Batam, after 1 hour ferry ride, to board the MV Nautica with dinner served to us! Then we started our briefing that will mark the start of the trip and our journey to become dive masters.


The makings of a dive master has been set in motion and we are all set!

After a good night sleep, the first item on the agenda was search and recovery of a small item in the large expense of the ocean. The technique was taught previously and the plan was to find that weight belt that the instructor “lost”. After 15 minutes of searching with the U-shaped pattern, the belt was found! After which the intensive session of learning how to give briefing, set up the dive site, choosing the dive sites, using a lift bag, leading the night dives and a whole lot of working knowledge was shared and taught!



The most interesting part of the whole day was mapping a brand new site that
was not explored fully! With 7 teams, we
started near the coastal site and mapped out Ezther I. The maps are in consolidation currently and will be published for other divers to use.
Then sharing of the ideas and knowledge was shared with the rest of the DMTs about the lives and workings of a dive professional in Amazing dive and Asia Dive Academy and the day ended with a nice dinner and chill-out session with everyone talking about their lives and experiences! (Well, let’s not forget the Hokkien and Gaelic learning sessions that came in the middle!)


The second day started with an early deep navigation dive where the rain has brought all the silt up from the bottom. Tough navigation with 1m visibility, it really tested our skills when crunch time is involved. After much effort, we finally cleared the skills required (along with some additional current pushing us). Finally it was the last item, rescue, again. With the current and waves moving fast due to the rain and the wind, it made it even more realistic and difficult. Having cleared the rescue, I had to say providing help to the Dive Master Trainees who were performing the skill was already tough enough.
With all said, the effort and sweat (maybe it was sea water) put in, everyone did a really great job on this trip and learnt so much more than you could have normally. Congratulations on the Dive Masters who had graduated with FLYING COLOURS and the Dive Master Trainees who are in this current batch, let’s work hard and graduate like this too! 



I shall end this blog with the quote from President Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 
Best Regards,
Qua Xuan Wei, Elton
PADI Dive Master of Amazing Dive
Photos By: Jason Yew
PADI Dive Master of Amazing Dive

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