Mysterious Underwater Sculpture for Thrill-Seekers

Diving is already an exciting activity, but if you still want to spice it up with more thrill, you better get your gears ready and dive these mystical sites of fascinating submerged sculptures.

Underwater Grotto in Bohol

This grotto under the sea began as an activity to discourage cyanide fishing. Four-meter tall portrayals of the Virgin Mary and Jesus were placed in the Bien Unido Barrier Reef Marine Park off Bohol in 2010. Now, its not only an art fighting illegal fishing, it has also become a famous tourist attraction especially for divers.

Living Sculptures in Bali

The region of Amed has the most diverse submerged coral display—a mermaid, a spooky child's head, and a Ganesha statue, mystifying divers who are brave enough to plunge into the site. Meticulously made and positioned underwater, these simulated reefs were made by artists as a revolution against the contamination and pollution of the ocean caused by people.

Badung Cultural Park in Nusa Dua

It was around 500 meters off the shores of Samuh Beach—26 Bali culture-themed man-made reef models at around 11 meters down are in the submerged park. An example is the Rama and Shita sculptures from the Hindu epic Ramayana. While it's somewhat deep for snorkelers, you can have a view of it from the surface early in the morning.


Be an amazing diver today.

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