Knowing MV Nautica – Part 1

Hola Amazing Divers!

It has been awhile! We hope everyone is still enjoying the Amazing underwater world!

Have you been thinking of diving but feel that long journeys and multiple transfer is not really a thing for you?

Amazing Dive is proud and happy to announce her collaboration with MV Nautica since the start of October 2013 (which was also why we were all kept busy and did not have the time to update you till now). We will be sailing with MV Nautica weekly, even through monsoon!

MV Nautica, built in 2004, the 24m long steel hull boat puts scuba diving, good food, great company all into a marvelous combination. All thanks to the 3 deck design and the fantastic boat crew on board!

So we were sailing with her for the past few weeks, and here’s a heads up for you guys today!


Here’s the bow, it actually has a very nice spacious sun deck where one can get a good tan.

Tips for all dive trip: remember your sun tan lotion in your bag!

All hands at work!

Looking at her alongside, with tanks and gear neatly organized!

Neat, Tidy, Organized, Spacious! Rescue course in progress too!

Top: Us all geared up and ready to dive the next day!

Bottom: Help! Help! Call EMS! (P/S, no worries, it’s just our rescue diver with his instructor in training!)

And yes, we do conduct our PADI Rescue Course onboard! Don’t we all love playing victim? *Evil Grins!*

From the exterior of boat, now let us take a sneak peak at the interior of the Live Aboard!

The premier room that MV Nautica has, provide the most comfort among all other rooms, with bed catering to up to 3 pax (tested and proven). Well, of course, this is a twin-sharing room for couple, and not that we recommend any couple to bring anyone else in the room with you, the premier room is highly recommended for couples who would not mind paying a little bit more for their own privacy. This premier room have windows on both side of the room and a little study table beside the bed.

All other rooms have their individual mini-bar and window, every photo is taken base on natural lighting. Imagine a dive weekend with your loved one, or your dive buddies and waking up every morning with a sunrise view right beside you. Well, if you are a moon person, same goes!


1: Premium Double Room
2: Triple Share Room

3: Be Greeted By Sunrise!
4:En-suite Bathroom in Premier Double and all Triple Rooms.

There is a saying “if you want to capture someone’s heart, you need to go through the stomach”.

OmNomNomNom, my favorite portion of the Live Aboard have arrive, let me show you what is on the menu!

Delicious Foood…. WAIT!! Someone caught stealing food!! =P

This is just the tip of the ice berg.You will need to taste them to understand how mouth-watering it is.

We were also told that our chef even have a fan who actually sail to eat his cooking (and not to dive)!

Not to forget, there is a nice space on the dining area.

Dining Area

My next favorite spot would be the “Nap Deck”, which we informally named it. These mattresses which are placed on top of a wooden supported area right behind our dining tables provide an awesome experience, be it chilling or napping.With back support which apparently is at the right angle for your body to relax, wind coming through our face (like in some of the MTVs you see) and sea view, we spent 80% of our dry-times here

“Nap Deck”
Sweet dreams everybody!

That’s all folks for the main orientation of the Live Aboard, MV Nautica. Do stay tuned for our Part 2 of our dive journey where we will fill you in with more information on Riau Island Diving itself!

Join Us In This Amazing Exploration! 



See You Soon!!

Cheers from the Amazing Crew!
To know how to join us in this Amazing Adventure, ASK ME! at 9677 3627 or email [email protected]

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