Instructor Careers for the Dauntless Divers

Earning money while doing the thing you love is an exciting experience. Not only you will develop your skills as a diver, you will also get the opportunity to dive more. Hit two birds with one stone through these instructor career programs from SSI:

Open Water Diver Instructor

The next step after attaining the Dive Control Specialist rating is enrolling in the Instructor Training Course. Finishing the program will make you eligible for an Instructor Evaluation. You can teach the Open Water Diver program, as well as issue certifications for Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer and other programs, after passing the evaluation.

Advanced Open Water Diver  Instructor

By qualifying for four (4) specialty Instructor ratings, and issuing fifteen (15) specialty certifications, you can already level up to the Advanced Open Water Instructor. Teach the SSI Snorkel Instructor program, plus any other SSI specialty courses when you pass this program.

Dive Master Instructor

The next instructor level to get is the Divemaster Instructor (DMI) after attaining the Advanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI) level. Some of the privileges of active status Divemaster Instructors are conducting the Divemaster Crossover course, and enroll in a Dive Control Specialist Instructor program.


Be an amazing diver today.

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