Here’s Why You Should Dive in Anilao

Anilao is the place where scuba diving in the Philippines began. Its tropical appeal and panoramic landscapes continuously attracts Philippine-based, as well as divers from other parts of the globe. Anilao’s charisma stretches from its beautiful shore down to its psychedelic dive sites.

Anilao’s local

Anilao is part of an archipelago that is known for its welcoming people. In this destination, expect no frowning faces. Hospitality is an innate thing among its denizens. The staff in the nearby resorts will never fail to flash you their warm smiles—just the positive energy you need after a long day of diving.

Here’s Why You Should Dive in Anilao

Island gastronomy

Another thing about Anilao that keeps us coming back is its local cuisine. Apart from diving to explore its underwater, taking a gastronomical escapade is an activity you should not miss when in Anilao, Batangas. Experience its Mami de Batangas (noodles in thick soup with beef innards and meat), special Batangas Goto (Sticky rice porridge with meat), and of course, Batangas’ Kapeng Barako (Batangas coffee famous for it strong taste and aroma).

Here’s Why You Should Dive in Anilao

Dive site feast

The birthplace of diving in the Philippine has more than 50 dive sites around it—most of these dive sites are situated at the southern part. If you are planning to stay in Anilao for diving, it is best if you look for a place to stay in the south so you can have access to more dive sites.

Here’s Why You Should Dive in Anilao
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