Do you know Sipadan, Malaysia?

Name me the first phrase you have for diving in Sipadan. World class? Best? Wonderful. Oh well, thats nothing new.


Yes YES! Its going to be as breathlessly fantastic & exciting as it sounds!



As an appetizer, let’s take a quick peep on what makes Sipadan Island one of the top dive site.

Sipadan, Mabul &

Geographical Location

Located off the east coast of Sabah, East Malaysia, Sipadan Island is protected under conservation laws imposed by the Sabah Parks. Many might not know, Sipadan Island was declared a bird sanctuary way back in 1933. Since 2004, all residents and resorts have been shifted to the nearby Mabul and Kalapai Islands. Today, Sipadan Island is a peaceful & serene heaven to wildlife above and underwater.

Being the only Oceanic Island in Malaysia, Sipadan Island raises over 600 metres from seabed. Located in the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin makes it a habitat to more than 3,000 species of fishes and hundreds corals species.

To properly conserve the area, The Authorities restrict the number of scuba divers at Sipadan Island daily. 120 dive permits are distributed to all dive operations in the area. Each permit fee is rm40. So one may not be able to dive everyday in Sipadan Island. However, this doesn’t mean that fun stops here..

Reef Octopus hidden and relaxing
Reef Octopus hidden and relaxing

The Neighbours – Mabul and Kapalai Islands

Housing tourist from all over the world, Mabul and Kapalai islands are the 2 most popular islands for divers to gain access diving in Sipadan Island. (Another option would be stayin at the town of Semporna and access by speed boat which takes roughly an hour.)  These 2 beautiful islands offers good muck and macro diving, giving a good balance with seeing the big guys at Sipadan Island. Not just that, the irresistable white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters in the area has made Mabul and Kapalai popular to the beach lovers and snorkellers.

Box Fish!! Cuties!!
blue ringed
Spotted at Mabul Island. WHAT IS THIS?!
Pygmy Pygmy~!!
Pygmy Pygmy~!! At Seaventure House Reef
At Lobster Wall
frog fish
Frog fish at Stingray City
leaf fish
Leaf fish as well
coral crab
Seen Hiding..
Flamboyant Cuttlefish
newly born!
Newly Cuttlefish…
man made wrecks
Man made wrecks

Borneo Divers Mabul Resort

We can sense your burning desire for our sneak preview, so here you go!

Eat, Sleep, Dive…. Eat, Sleep, Dive….

First thing in the morning, wake up to the warm sunlight with a sumptuous spread of International Buffet in Borneo Diver’s Mabul Resorts. While clean and comfort are just the basic, they have won numerous guests’ heart with their attentiveness and service with a sincere SMILE; always ready to go that extra mile just to light up that smile on your face.

With only a little more than a giant leap away from the jetty, you will be greeted with an astounding array of lively marine life in their very own house reef – Paradise 2. So… what’s words without evidence??

Jumping into Paradise
Jumping into Paradise
Paradise 2
Views from Paradise 2


Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo

Right after your dives, the walk back to your rooms for a refreshing shower is accompanied by a gentle breeze.


The bridge to "Paradise"
The bridge to “Paradise”
sunset at mabul
Sunset at Mabul

If it’s the right time, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the setting sun as well. One of the best way to end the day.

Inside Borneo Divers Mabul Resort
Across the long bridge, you’ll see the lovely beach bar which serves as a great hang out place for all divers at night. A good place to chill and relax. At certain days in the week, BBQ dinner would be served in the bar. A nice combination to the international buffet style meals served daily.

Beach Bar Entrance
Beach Bar Entrance
Beach Bar Interior
Beach Bar Interior

Than finally back to your room, to relax, to freshen up and get ready for the night.

Inside the room!
Inside the room!
Resort Room
Resort Room

A couple of things one can do at night. Relax by the beach watching the stars, gathered at the main dining hall for some celebrations or go to the beach bar for a lovely cocktail.

Xmas Party 2013!
Xmas Party 2013!
Dinner under the stars!
Dinner under the stars!

Wherever you are or whateer you do, night time is the best time to review through the dives done in the day. It’s very usual to hear divers sharing and discussing among each other on what was seen, or on the photos or videos taken earlier. Best part about night time here: every day, the discuss is on a different experience. The sharks, the turtles, the marcos, the schooling fishes.

The Hottest Topic: Diving in Sipadan Island!!
World’s Famous Barracuda Point
cheese to the sharks
Sneaking behind the White Tips
Close up with the big schools!
be wow
with turtle
More Turtles!!
white tip and dentist
A white tip at the “dental clinic”
crocodile fish
Humphead, Bumphead, Knock our heads…
white tips
Relaxing under the sun..
You cannot see me…
You cannot see me… 
Napoleon Wrasse..

There is really just so much to find at Sipadan!! Looking for some challenges? Try out some technical diving into the caves on Sipadan Island. Or explore deeper beyond the recreational limits. That’s one way that made some diver going back to Sipadan for more! =)

Enter Safe with proper training and equipment!! =)
Enter Safe with proper training and equipment!! =)
Inside Turtle Cave.
Inside Turtle Cave.


The place earns its deserving world class ratings. No wonder it became Diver’s paradise. The travelling and queuing up for dive permits made every single dive on Sipadan Island worthwhile!

Come Experience Yourself!! Join us on our hassle free group departures!

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24 – 29 April 2014

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See you Underwater Soon!! CHEERS!!
See you Underwater Soon!!


~above post written by Nicholas (Visited Sipadan twice, amazed by the place everytime!)~

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