Diving Into An Amazing 2014

Your friend have just returned from a weekend dive trip; with a unique tan and a wide grin flashed across the face. tan on boat


With an air of utmost satisfaction, she than pull out a PADI Diver Certification Card from the wallet and begin sharing her adventurous bubble-blowing weekend.


The journey to learning scuba diving is indeed one of the coolest and unique experience. Well, where else can you be under pressure and surface with full of satisfaction?


We pride on ensuring our customers are engaged in a safe, fun & concise way of learning diving and equipment handling. With the preceding factors, we will throw in for FREE – an Amazing Experience in our Mother Nature’s Amazing Environment!


Amazing Dive
Viva La Scuba!!

Indeed, Amazing Dive is, very simply put: Education + Equipment  + Environment  = Experience

The 4 Es above is built with Scuba Divers in mind.

Education: Educating diver to be/divers how to manage the underwater pressure with professional & fun programs. 

Equipment: Pick up good habits and proper ways of handling & maintaining scuba equipment.

Experience: Immerse in cultures and life style of different countries during dive travel.

Environment: Protect & Conserve Our Beautiful Mother Nature with consistent efforts in daily practices.

Of course, there are more that we can do on top of those mentioned above. Trust us as we are taking a slow and steady approach to enhance these foundations for every like minded person.

Having the foundation established, this year, we are putting focus into sharing this Love and Passion about Scuba Diving!!

For a start, we now have an ultimately exciting news to share!

For this Amazing quarter, now till 31st March, experience eat-sleep-dive in the serenity of the blues on board of MV Nautical!!! (For photos and activities on board MV Nautica, check out MV Nautica’s Facebook page here!!)

We are rewarding our Open Water Diver graduates for this quarter, a chance to board on MV Nautical for their Advance Open Water Course at the usual price*!!

How it works? Sign up for the Advance Open Water Course within 2 weeks after completing the Open Water Course, we’ll make bring you onboard MV Nautica to complete your course at the price of $599! (Usual AOWD Course on Nautica is $929)!! To confirm this special offer, simply make payment (or deposit of $200) within the 2 weeks window, than confirm your trip schedule once you have decided on your preferred travel dates. You’ll now till the end of 2014 to be redeem this offer. That is a good deal for the adventure lovers!

Ask Amazing Dive!!
Ask Amazing Dive!!

Still blowing bubbles in your bath tub? Come on, and join us for the real stuff!! Dive education with an unique experience!! Spaces are limited!! Pick up the phone to call Amazing Dive @ 9677 3627 to grab this offer!!


Hope to hear from you soon! Stay tune for more wet and bubbly information up next on Dive Experience, Equipment and Environment Conservation.

Lots of Love from Amazing Dive!

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