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Amazing Dive is giving a $100 Voucher on equipment purchases when you sign up for the Advanced Open Water Diver course with us. This is a great opportunity for Open Water certified divers to grab their own soft gear, and also further their knowledge in scuba diving!


What will you be doing?

In the Advanced Open Water Diver course, you will be trained to be an independent diver with advanced skills required for challenging dive environments. A Deep dive and Underwater Navigation dive will be essential to complete this course. Other adventure dives you might get to experience are: Drift dives, Night dives, Peak Performance Buoyancy and many more!

Sipadan – Photo credit: Dr. Mok Wai Hoe

Why Advanced diving?

Interested to dive in awesome places like Maldives and Sipadan, only to realise that an Advanced certification is required to dive there? One great reason to further your diving education: it gives you access to much more beautiful dive destinations around the world.

The Advanced diver course also allows you to improve your diving skills; better control of your buoyancy and body position will let you enjoy your future dives more. There's also the added advantage of helping you pose better for underwater photos!!


Equipment you will need

Masks and fins are pretty much essential equipment if you want to pursue diving as your hobby. A personal mask is great as you can be sure it will fit and will be comfortable. It's also much more hygienic than rental masks. (For the clean freaks out there)

Having your own pair of fins is like owning a car, both help you move more efficiently and it's just more comfortable to have your own! Personal fins are important as you can choose a more suitable pair depending on your kicking style, leg strength and whether you have 'floaty' or 'weighty' feet.


Opening season: Tioman and Tenggol

You can complete your Advanced Diver course at a few destinations, we would recommend Tioman and Tenggol island. It's opening season for Tioman and Tenggol, corals and marine life are bound to be an amazing sight after months of recovery during the monsoon period.

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New to scuba diving?

To attempt the Advanced Diver Course, you will need to first complete the PADI Open Water Diver Course or equivalent. If you are completely new to scuba diving, we also offer the Open Water Diver Course weekly!

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