4 Reasons Why Dive Riau

A tucked away cluster of islands just south of Singapore shelters a beautiful but hardly visited world of the past. Riau is an archipelago of countless inhabited and untouched islands that only occasionally receives a step by a small fishing village. Aside from the fact that it’s available for diving all year round with a 28-30 °C temperature, here’s a list of other things that you and your friends can do during your stay on the island:

4 Reason Why Dive Riau

1.Wallow in Preserved Magnificent Patch of Corals

First things first, you will enjoy the most beautiful aquatic environment anywhere near Singapore on your dive since this island is rarely booked by tourists due to its remoteness and unique beauty that only a special few have seen. A bunch of nudibranchs, lots of reef fishes and occasional turtles makes up the underwater macro life but who knows what you yet to encounter on your dive.

4 Reason Why Dive Riau

2.Schedule that Immaculate Mangrove Tour

The fun starts with a boat ride through the mangrove swamp and forest. You can expect monkeys hanging out of the tree branches as well as different species of snakes sleeping. When the evening sneaks, you can get a night mangrove tour and be surrounded by magical fireflies! Ending your dive with this activity would simply complete your Riau getaway because nothing beats the relaxation and serenity that Mother Nature brings.

4 Reason Why Dive Riau

3.Relieve stress via Watersports

Although there are a few tourists that come to the island to dive, the Bintan Agro Beach resort offers a whole lot of heart-raising water sports activities. You can just be your awesome self and indulge in wind surfing alone or with your friends. You can also just ride the waves and enjoy surfing or have fun in a jet ski. You can either tone your abs through kayaking or just lay low and hump on that banana boat. This island is free from the judgmental society so you can actually do whatever you want!

4 Reason Why Dive Riau

4.Pay a visit to Penyengat Island

This place literally means Wasp Island that’s approximately 2 sq.km of pure treasure and history. This has been the center of the Malay Riau-Lingga empire for a long time and serves as the tomb of Raja Ali Haji who’s a 19th-century Islamic historian and scholar. You can visit this island and tour around the small village which has an old Dutch fort, royal mausoleums, and a mixture of Javanese and Dutch architectural palaces after your dive to nourish your inner historian.


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