3 Amazing Things to Do When in Anambas

Anambas Islands is a concealed heaven in Malaysia. Because of its remote zone, just couple of individuals think about the islands' wonderful waterfront and marine life.

Local Food Hunt

Fish-based items are Anambas' mark dishes, since the zone is encompassed via ocean. Mie Tarempa, like mie Aceh yet with angle, and luti gendang, fricasseed nibble crammed with angle floss, are the two most famous ones.

Diving and Snorkeling

Being in the Coral Triangle, Anambas has obviously a diverse marine biodiversity: combines in more than 600 assortments of coral and 3000 sorts of fish. Additionally, it is an extraordinary goal to see five of the seven sorts of ocean turtles. What's more, huge amounts of marine life in Anambas will clearly keep adolescents bewildered.


Three things that make the Anambas Islands the ideal: white powder sand, unpolluted air, and wonderful perspectives. Divers can get a look at the marine life in the perfectly clear waters even from out of the water.


Be an amazing diver today.

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