Explore the Beauty of Riau

Waters, nature and wonderful culture are only a couple of what Riau needs to give. Riau is skilled with astounding beaches and brilliant shake developments that will most likely dumbfound. This place interests with its wealthy in culture and hold celebrations consistently that features their music and move.

Soul-searching in Riau

Searching for some place to unwind and twist up? Riau is extraordinary compared to other spots to go and contemplate. Desert your distresses, be unified with nature and locate the most genuine type of the best inside yourself.

Delicious Food

Rich culture implies more extravagant in great sustenance. Taste dishes that will definitely increase your hunger. At the point when in Riau it is certain to discover world class fish eateries that offer mark dishes, as well as unite everybody in one table.

Diving in Riau

Because of the remoteness of the region, Riau is where just couple of individuals dive. However, that doesn't mean it is anything but a decent diving site. Riau is really a shrouded jewel holding up to be investigated. Its waters covertly holds awesome reefs in wealth and diverse oceanic life.


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Best Fluorescent Night Diving Destinations

For divers who think they have seen everything, fluorescent diving ­offers a ­entirely new view on the reef and its tenants. Exactly when lit up with a specific splendid light, ­critters that once looked unremarkable under white light will shimmer with ­neon-brightness and hallucinogenic brilliance.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel's current-cleared reefs is home to rich coral advancement. This tropical Mexican island takes pride on its warm waters flooding with biodiversity, a basic number of which will flood with shading under the breathtaking UV light.

Dahab, Red Sea

The rich waters of the Red Sea are home to a greater number of sorts of sensitive, delicate corals than some other channel on the planet—which made it a prime locale for a fluorescent night dive amidst which the entire reef streams.

Koh Tao, Thailand

This well known dive spot got a handle on fluorescent night diving early, giving divers stores of decisions for experiencing Thailand's submerged night glimmer show up.


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Why You Should Not Eat the Parrotfish?

Sharks, stingrays, eels and even anemonefish may be more prevalent, yet you'd be unable to locate a more entrancing reef ­dweller than the parrotfish. The term ­parrotfish envelops any species in the family ­Scaridae. Known for their energetic hues, affinity for crunching coral and — offbeat creation of sand, these fish are crucial bits of a marine biological system. Here are a portion of our most loved certainties about the parrotfish

Parrotfish Behavior

Maybe the most ­fascinating ­parrotfish conduct identifies with its ­homemade robe. Some ­species of parrotfish can typify themselves in a casing of bodily fluid during the evening. Researchers trust that this air pocket may ­protect the fish from predators — for example, eels and sharks — by covering its fragrance. ­Others propose it may fill in as a ­protective instrument by giving the resting fish a ­heads-up when a predator has ­penetrated the casing.

Chewing On Corals

Two arrangements of teeth are superior to one. The parrotfish has intertwined teeth formed like a bill that enable it to rub off bits of coral and other sustenance, and inward pharyngeal teeth that pulverize the nourishment once it's in its mouth.

Teeth Harder Than Copper

The parrotfish's teeth — which helped it acquire its name — are made out of ­fluorapatite, among the ­hardest biominerals on the planet. This makes the ­parrotfish's teeth harder than ­copper, gold and silver.

How Many Species?

There are around 90 species of parrotfish, and they can be discovered all around the globe in tropical and ­subtropical seas.

Sand Producers

In the event that you adore a sandy beach, thank a parrotfish, which can transform 1 ton of ­coral into sand in a year. The fish eat green growth that develops on ­coral shake, crunching bits of coral all the while. The coral is ground and processed, bringing about fine sand ­particles as it leaves the parrotfish's body. In plain terms, the fine white sand that beach bums love to sprawl on may be parrotfish crap.


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Gift Ideas for Divers this Holiday Season!

Is it accurate to say that you are confused on gift ideas for your diver loved ones? Not certain what you can get them that is fun? When you're not a scuba diver yourself, it's difficult to comprehend what presents will be valued. Here are our suggestions!


We shouldn't utilize plastic water bottles any longer. Why not advance up your scuba diversion an indent and utilize this clever tempered steel bottle displayed after a diving tank? It's without bpa and 100% recyclable, notwithstanding being super lightweight.


A waterproof flash drive is an extraordinary method to back up photographs on a dive trip. This one is waterproof, x-beam confirmation, magnet evidence and stun verification, in addition to it accompanies a 5-year guarantee just on the off chance that your companion figures out how to decimate it in spite of the majority of that!


There are huge amounts of sea themed corkscrews out there; this one is tasteful and pragmatic in the meantime. The "Pounded Head" by Umbra is a double corkscrew and container opener in the state of a hammerhead shark. Great quality-value proportion.


This fun lunch sack is enlivened with the scuba variant of the great advancement outline. Simple to convey on account of the lashes, the sack serves as a little tote pack or kids' rucksack.


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The Truth About Taking Advanced Diving Course

Investigate new regions and release the adventurer in you! Here are more reasons why you should take this course at the earliest opportunity:

Experience five unique dives

In the event that you have chosen to make diving your game and not only an interest, at that point you should not dawdle and take this program. There is something else entirely to investigate where it counts the sea! The Advanced Adventurer Course will allow you to experiment with five distinctive claim to fame projects, and which of them to center around.

Advance your diving abilities

With five claim to fame dives to understanding, your diving mastery will without a doubt be sharpened through this program. Advanced adventurer likewise overhauls your breathing and diving systems so you can dive with solace at any profundity.

Gain more diving wisdom

Advance adventurer program will give you an unmistakable understanding and enough experience on claim to fame courses like Boat Diving, Deep Diving, Night/Limited Visibility, Perfect Buoyancy, and Wreck Diving. These diving knowledge will enable you to choose what diving way of life you need to seek after. Would you like to be a recreational diver? An expert divemaster later on? This program will open up more open doors for you.


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Essential Guide to Tioman Island

Like different islands that require some push to achieve, Pulau Tioman rewards guests with that tropical island feel.

When to Visit Tioman Island?

The late spring months are best to visit Tioman Island—particularly June, July, and August. As is typically the situation, dry season is additionally the busiest season. Pick a "bear" month for good climate and less voyagers. May is a decent decision. The rainiest months on Pulau Tioman are November, December, and January.

Activities in Tioman

The essential draw of Tioman Island is the remote feel and submerged life. For non-divers, swimming and kayak rentals are fun options. For individuals who lean toward life over the waves, Pulau Tioman isn't really rich with exercises. It's progressively a place to appreciate a book with a soundtrack of the ocean and flying creatures. You'll meet explorers from everywhere throughout the world who come to appreciate the equivalent.

There are various wilderness trekking openings around Pulau Tioman. Trails regularly pursue the ways cut for electrical cables; getting lost is almost inconceivable, yet brought down trees and soak sloppy scrambles transform even a concise stroll into a perspiration a-thon. One famous trek is the stroll from ABC to Monkey Beach.

Things You Should Know:

The main ATM on Tioman Island is in Tekek, the fundamental town. You ought to convey enough cash to last your entire excursion in the event that the ATM is encountering issues.

Average Wi-Fi can be hard to discover at bistros and eateries on the island. Guarantee your resort has Wi-Fi if remaining associated is essential to you. Most occupants depend on neighborhood SIM cards for access. Get one for shoddy if your cell phone is GSM good and opened.

Monkeys and extensive screen reptiles are pulled in to foods grown from the ground. They're amusing to watch, yet be careful about departing scraps or anything consumable close to your place.


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