5 Healthy Food Options for a Pre-Dive Boost

Tired of unhealthy foods that give you temporary energy? There are a lot of healthy options out there that are also easy to pack for greater convenience during your dive mission, here are some of them:


Packed with Omega-3 and protein, salmon is a great staple for a pre-dive power boost. It is also loaded with vitamins for an extra energy during the dive. Make sure to buy only those that were farmed in a sustainable way.


Shrimp is another source high in omega-3. Likewise, check for seafood from sustainable farming.


Walnuts, almonds, pecans, and pine nuts are all great options! The fat and high protein in nuts are great energy boosters!

Fresh and Dried Fruits

Dates have normal sugar, high fiber, and are wealthy in magnesium, an unquestionable requirement in case you're inclined to getting leg spasms while diving. Bananas and apples are great snacks too! Filled with minerals and vitamins you need for an extra energy in the plunge!


Stay hydrated! Water enables your body to use the nitrogen you ingest on a dive and helps greatly on digestion.


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Must-Read Before Diving Tioman

Home to perfect white beaches, unadulterated rainforests, striking myths and legends, and ethereal dive spots, Tioman is truly a nirvana for divers and wayfarers alike.

Best Time to Dive

In the midst of the extensive stretches of March to May, and September to November, you can expect the best visibility (15 to 30 meters). In the midst of June to August, the visibility generally drops to around 8 to 12 meters anyway diving is up 'til now uncommon. You in like manner should not miss the mating time of cuttlefish on February.

Dive Sites in Tioman

Tioman dive spots are excellent—search the euphoric Labas, the boggling Renggis Island, the gorgonian-fans-bounteous Chebeh, the Bahara Rock where you can find a garden of anemone. Amazing nudibranchs and shrimps are unlimited in Tioman and furthermore turtles, barracudas, stingrays, cuttlefish, reef sharks, parrot fish, moray eels, and lionfish.

Resorts in Tioman

There are many resorts in Tioman, however we prescribe Berjaya Tioman Resort—likewise the biggest resort in the island. It is situated on a massive segment of land with expansive beachfront and rich wild surroundings at the western edge of Tekek Village. A bleeding edge four-star resort with expansive facilities including a dance floor, function halls, dive center, swimming pools and restaurants. Accommodation incorporates charming chalets and duplex structures roused by standard town outlining, roosted on stilts along the beachfront. Ideal for a stunning family excursion.


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Produce the Best Macro Photos in 3 Steps

In macro photography, new apparatuses, methods, and hacks are helping photographers deliver inventive submerged photographs. If you are a yearning to be a macro photographer, these essential composition tips will enable you to take your photographs to the following level:

Go closer to your subject

The best macro pictures often have its subject fill the frame. You should keep on moving closer to your subject until the point when it takes up the vast majority of the space in the viewfinder. With the littlest subjects, a macro wet focal point will help accomplish this.

The eye contact magic

Eye to eye connection makes a connection between the viewer and the subject. Endeavor to form the shot so the two eyes (if your subject has eyes) are in the center and coordinated toward the camera focal point. Ensure the obvious eye is taking a gander at the camera or ­connecting with an optional subject in case you're shooting from the side. Eye to eye connection additionally guarantees a look ahead composition—considerably more ­engaging than a fish-tail or ­top-down shot.

Highlight interesting features

There is no set-in-stone rule in ­positioning your subject. Picking an edge that incorporates the eyes in addition to features intriguing highlights must be the objective. Strategies, for example, seventy-five percent edge of view and the rule of thirds will situate the subject's highlights in the best parts of the edge.



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How to Choose Diving Gears Better

Not knowing isn't a choice while picking your scuba diving types of gear. Your apparatuses, similar to your diving abilities, decide the general success of your dive. Here's a guide on how to choose your diving gears:


Maximum performance. It is noteworthy to comprehend the controls of your regulator and how it functions—a few models have diver-controlled handles and changes to help procedure of conveying a high volume of air at depths, under substantial effort and at low tank weights.

Dive Computer

Easy to use interface. On the off chance that you can't without much of a stretch access the fundamental data you require amid a dive, the most costly dive watch does you no help. A dive computer is utilized for you to get details of your depth, time, decompression status and tank weight. You should pick a dive watch that can give you clear data at one glance.


Buoyancy Compensator Device

Comfort and perfect fit. Wear your exposure suit first before you fit on a BC. Search for a BC that fits impeccably yet doesn't press your body when inflated.


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Thrilling Activities to Do in Pulau Hantu

Scuba diving in Pulau Hantu promises an ethereal experience. Despite its forbidding name, the island is still a favorite amongst day-trippers and campers who are looking for an exciting outdoor experience. Here are some of the awesome things you can do in this isle:


Despite its forbidding name, Pulau Hantu is still a favorite amongst campers and day-trippers because of its unique milieu. Expect a surreal experience when camping on this island.


Pulau Hantu is also an amazing fishing grounds! The island will surprise you with its abundant fish and other marine species.


Macro Diving

Pulau Hantu scuba diving appeals to macro diving enthusiasts as there are frequent sightings of seahorses, blue dragons, flatworms, sea slugs and other macro creatures.


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