Best Gili Trawangan Restaurants for ‘Clean-Eaters’

Of the three Gili Islands, the food nooks in Gili Trawangan offers the most delicious and healthy options. Gili Trawangan is a dream island for mindful-eaters, with both Indonesian and Western cuisines. Here is a list of the best hideouts for vegans and veggie lovers in Gili Trawangan.


Pituq is a vegan restaurant in Gili. It is also one of the most famous restaurant here. We recommend the jackfruit curry and the laksa here—though everything on the menu looks so delish and healthy! The place is also very cozy, and the staff are friendly. Best service ever!

Photo Credits: Pituq

Karma Kayak

On a calm stretch of beach on the north end of the island, Karma Kayak offers a tapas menu that makes a very satisfying vegan meal! They serve tofu sticks, green beans in tomato sauce, and the best-tasting fries we've ever had! Highly suggested for people who are looking for healthy food plus an amazing location!

Photo Credits: Karma Kayak

The Banyan Tree

This cordial bistro has tables ideal on the buzziest segment of the beach, so it's an incredible place to watch the backpackers and divers pass by. They serve the best jackfruit pulled pork sandwich!

Photo Credits: The Banyan Tree

Kayu Cafe

With its chalk-written menu and rustic design, Kayu Cafe is a place to be if you’re looking for refreshing food as well as an invigorating ambiance. Their vegetarian food from breakfast to dinner are all so delectable and instagrammable. Definitely one of our favorite food nook here in Gili Trawangan!

Photo Credits: Kayu Cafe


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Fun Things to Do in Gili Islands You Never Knew Existed

The Gili Islands is famous for three things: diving, snorkeling, and party—but there are more things you can do in these ecstatic islands! Here are activities you can venture in.

Live band and jamming

Live music is played each night at Sama-Sama.  Plus, at daytime, there are jamming sessions around the island you can join in! Sasak Island Cafe on Gili Meno also have jamming sessions every night—great while you ’re having a chilly Bintang! Here, Reggae songs are the favorites.

Horseback ride along the beach

If you are diving with your family or friends, perhaps you would enjoy a ride along the beach! Experience the islands chill ambiance while horseback riding—best to do this at sunset for a more cinematic feel.

Visit the night market

Around 6 pm every day at the market square before the pier on Gili Trawangan, the night market comes to life. You can find lots of interesting hoards in this place including Indonesian handicrafts, fruits and vegetables, seafood, and varieties of traditional cuisines!


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Lombok Trip: Things You Can Do After the Dive

Maximise your trip in the quieter cousin of Bali through these super cool adventures. Here’s a list of things you can do after scuba diving!

Unwind on Gili Islands

Laid back, bohemian vibe and relaxing ambiance—what more can we ask for? Lombok is the ideal place if you want a taste of adventures and relaxation at the same time. Swim Gili’s ecstatic waters, and chill on its pristine beach front with your buddies or kin, while savoring a buffet of flavourful Indonesian cuisine!

Biking Tour

Lombok's appeal lies in the nation’s old, quiet mountain territories arranged with rice paddy fields, little conventional towns, and amazing untainted beaches, all encompassed by a culture missing the characteristics of massive tourism. What better way to explore the concealed paradise of Lombok than an exciting bicycle tour around town?


The southern coastline of Lombok offers amazing reef breaks that entice surfers, both amateurs, and professionals,  from around the world. Practice your balance and core strength through an exhilarating surf activity here in Lombok.


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Unraveling the Unblemished Island of  Lombok

Less popular than its neighbor Bali, Lombok is an uncrowded island located in the West Nusa Tenggara, a province in Indonesia. While consistently a large number of voyagers targeHere mass tourism is as yet obscure. From uncrowded and isolated dream beaches, delectable cuisines and awesome culture, the island of Lombok sure have it.


Gunung Rinjani rules Lombok's geography, and is a certain spot to draw in trekkers. Once on the summit, seeing dazzling sunrises and volcanic calderas, and a feeling of vanquishing the entire island, are rewards for the tired. Green trekking exercises make it possible to give something back to this genuinely awesome, powerful wellspring of fluid magma, sanctified to both Sasaks and Hindus. It's also possible to while away a few dazzling hours moving in little-passed by Taman Wisata Alam Kerandangan.


From Desert Point in the west to Ekas in the east, this variegated movement of strait, reefs and harsh deltas gives the best number and nature of breaks in Lombok. Not at all like Bali, when surfing peaks in the dry season (April to October), Lombok's breaks are as a rule completing it in the midst of the wet (for the most part November to March). Kuta, almost the entire way along the float, is the ordinary base for wave-seeking after.


Talk about Lombok diving and various divers will tell you about the Gili Islands—Trawangan, Air and Meno. Best choices among pilgrims and honeymooners, the Gilis offer simple diving, white-sand beaches and heaps of turtles. Dive centers in the Senggigi zone, in the northwest of region Lombok, similarly bolster these dive goals.  Regardless, there is more to Lombok diving—and impressively more remains yet to be found. Next to the north Gilis, the most made diving locale on the island is the southwest. Not as much as a group of dive centers at exhibit work in this remote bit of Indonesia, so there is a better than average probability you will have dive goals to yourself. Flanking reefs are home to different kinds of fragile coral, making ideal hiding spots for full scale life.


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