Starting From Home: Pulau Hantu

Singapore is known for being a home to a diversity of people but what about animals?

Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is also home to a diversity of animals ranging from land to marine and even in the skies.

Most Singaporeans would brush it off, “cockroaches and pigeons aren’t wildlife.”

Fact is, Singapore has many wildlife living amongst us in our concrete jungle. Most of them prefer to hide out and wait for night to fall before they come out for food.

More then just the land creatures like Pangolins and cute Otters, we also have marine life!

Yes, from Pulau Hantu to Sister’s Island, Pulau Ubin and even the mangrove walk in Paris Ris Park has reported to have sightings of animals we don’t see or hear about everyday.


What’s a better place then home to start of a brand new adventure, a new journey?

Most new divers that start out with us will start their journey to either Tioman or Bintan, our training grounds for Open Water Diver students.

Every year when the monsoon slowly rains down on us, most of the South East Asia diving areas like Tioman and sometimes, Bintan will be closed off for safety reasons.. BUT that doesn’t mean our adventures have to take a pause together with the seasons!

Many divers will proudly say that they had been to Maldives, Malapascua or even more exotic places to dive but yet have never experienced diving in our own waters.

Why? Because most people, divers and non divers, don’t believe that there is anything to “see” in Singapore.. But they are wrong!

Here are some photos of the marine life in Singapore waters taken by our divers!


Here are my top 5 reasons why you should dive in singapore !

1- Because it is Singapore! We should be proud that our tiny island is not only wealthy in the finance section but also in our wildlife. Shouldn’t we at least know what we have at home before we go out to explore the world?

2- Convenience! No more 6 hour bus journeys, no more last minute changing of currencies! No more over packing 5 days of clothes for a 2 day trip, no more exhausting travelling time, no more feeling dreaded or tired!

3- Visas and passports! For the non locals, there is no need to apply for visa to go to Pulau Hantu, for the forgetful locals (like myself) who had to rush last minute to renew the  passport, and when it is finally renewed, you don’t have to rush at the 11th hour to locate that important little book hidden under piles of clothes.

4- Location!  No more calling for baby sitters or asking your friends for favours to take care of your pets. With the pier just located at West Coast, we are all able to return back to our comfy beds and cuddley pets after a great day of diving.

5- Flexibility! Held on most Saturdays and Sundays, applying leave from work is not needed. You can even make it home in time for dinner! Diving on Saturday and going home on Saturday. Diving on Sunday and still returning home on Sunday! Whats more to ask for?

To sum it up, diving in Pulau Hantu is a great experience and with my top 5 reasons why you should dive there, what are you waiting for?!

Read HERE why you should be a diver!

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5 Majestic Dive Sites in Lang Tengah You Must Visit Now!

Have you ever been in an island so fascinating even you yourself cannot contain the urge to immerse more of its natural beauty? Well if not yet, no worries! It’s not yet too late to unravel one of these islands with oozing grandeur -- Lang Tengah!

Lang Tengah is just a small island, but it will definitely make your visit a memorable one. If you’re longing for peace of mind and relaxation, Lang Tengah is the perfect diving destination for you! With its exciting dive sites and abundant marine life, Lang Tengah should really be on top of your diving list!

5 Majestic Dive Sites in Lang Tengah You Must Visit Now!

1.Goby Garden

This dive site features majestic coral formations as well as variety of colors, sizes and shapes of soft coral and sponges. It also has fascinating creatures such as Christmas tree worms that comes with variety of bright colors, tiny decorator crabs that are said to be the true master of disguise, and nudibranchs that are also called naked gills because they are shell-less! This dive site is also perfect for photography because of its unique creatures.  From the name of the dive site itself, it is a place where you'll be encountering a lot of little gobbies that clings into corals.  This dive site possesses a celebratory vibe because of the colorful species that includes parrotfish and triggerfish, angelfish, and butterfly fish. It is also said that shark, stonefish and octopus are also found on the site, so better be watchful.

5 Majestic Dive Sites in Lang Tengah You Must Visit Now!

2.Karang nibong

Karang Nibong has few fish species but do have a lot of hard corals. Also, smaller creatures such as the nudibranchs can be seen on the site. Few fishes that are found here are the dusky anemone, clown fish, schooling big-eye snapper, blue ring angelfish, and goldband fusilier. This is also a good place for the occasional manta ray or whale shark encounter.  You can expect for turtles and sharks, too. In addition, the dive site also has giant clams.

5 Majestic Dive Sites in Lang Tengah You Must Visit Now!

3.Batu Bulan

Batu Bulan features a mesmerizing scenery! Having table corals and a few large boulders, Batu Bulan is an excellent site for middle-aged divers and above. Stay observant for napping cat sharks and nurse sharks along the reef’s base, and keep an eye out for a variety of rays as well. Few fish species can also be seen on the site like the cardinalfish, butterflyfish and damselfish that darts in and out of the corals reefs.

5 Majestic Dive Sites in Lang Tengah You Must Visit Now!

4.Karang Bahar

Karang Bahar is truly a great dive site for the divers. Marine life here is really outstanding because of its very extraordinary underwater landscape. This site is composed of black coral bushes, species of soft and hard corals, octopus corals and a lot more species. Though Karang Bahar is just a small dive site, it has an abundance of fish species. This one is a colorful dive adventure spot that is totally worthy of underwater photography.

5 Majestic Dive Sites in Lang Tengah You Must Visit Now!

5.Terumbu Kuning

This dive site is also called as the Yellow Reef because of the living species here. The yellow-colored coral trees that grow towards the bottom of the reef and the yellow butterfly fish are just some of the species as to why Terumbu Kuning got its nickname. Also, fascinating hinge back shrimps, lobsters, pipefish, and juvenile sharks can be seen during the adventure.


Why not plan to have an amazing dive trip to Lang Tengah this coming year? Surely, you will never be disappointed.

Be an amazing diver today.