Diving Maldives – Best Liveaboard (LOB) Experience!

Picture this:  A coppery sun skimmed the horizon, lighting up the surface of the ocean in streams of gold and bright. Feet sinking into the fine, soft sand, the welcoming vast ocean and the gentle breeze on your face bring about a unique sense of calm and tranquillity.

1 boat.  7 days. 16 dives and 21 scuba divers.  Maldives has been the perfect overdue work detox for me. I have made new friendships, and shared silly stunts and crazy laughter with these new friends.

It has been difficult to bid Au Revior to my fabulous experience in Maldives, and to the great company I had with me on this trip, but I shall share here with you the perfect dive plan for all you go-getters out there and hope that I will have another chance soon to join in a similar experience again!


Why Liveaboard (LOB)?

Eat, sleep, dive, repeat. Basically that’s what LOB is. Skip the travelling to and fro that eats up most of your precious vacation time. Plus you may get to visit some exclusive dive sites available only from LOB. I mean, how often do you get the chance to actually live on a boat?

It is definitely way more fun than beach resort stay. Can be pretty romantic too for ya’ll lovely couples out there since you’ll always be in close proximity of each other.
Just imagine you and your partner watching the clam waters during sunset, chilling, chatting, maybe a drink or two and lots of cuddles… That’s THE dream okay ladies! *wink wink*


Scuba Diving Highlights
Channel dives here are no joke! Don’t waste your energy trying to fin against the current, you’ll just find yourself transform into a kite. Believe me when I say a reef hook is an essential to prevent yourself from being swept out into the blue. Luckily for me, a super nice lady loaned me her reef hook and eventually gave it to me. Awww!! So much loves right?


As for fins to use under such conditions, I highly recommend Scubapro’s Seawing Nova Gorilla! Definitely had more control of my buoyancy during those strong current dives and excellent propulsion underwater. Trust me, a good pair of fin can really make or break your enjoyment during difficult dive conditions.

Amazing Dive Scuba Diving - Maldives Scubapro Gorilla Sea Wing Nova Fin
Scubapro Seawing Nova Gorilla Fin

Nitrox is another good choice if you want to dive longer with shorter surface intervals (Make full use of your vacation time people!) Psst… if you haven’t already known, there’s a 50% off Nitrox Specialty course ongoing now (U.P $199), very worth it!


Of course, not forgetting… Maldvies is HOT HOT HOT! Don’t forget your sun block people, because who wants to risk skin cancer in the long run, right? Did you know most sun block contains Oxybenzone? Thats the active ingredient that destroys corals. So how do you tackle this issue? Here’s my go-to solution; Safe Sea Sunscreen. It’s not just another product off the shelves by the way!! Safe Sea protects against jelly fish stings as well as sea lice. Geez, itchy critters they are!  Get yours today by clicking here. Oh, and Amazing Dive has an ongoing promotion sale too for Safe Sea 😀

Organic Safe Sea Sunscreen! Contains NO Oxybenzone, Jellyfish and Sea Lice protection. Now $16.90 (U.P $19.90)

You’ll definitely be able to see some amazing sea life when you dive in the Maldives as compared to just snorkelling. Don’t believe me? Feast your eyes on some of our amazing photos:













*Click to view GIF*

Amazing Dive Scuba Diving - Maldives Dive Buddy Sunset Beach

This particular trip to the Maldives was easily the most enjoyable one I’ve experienced so far! Everyone has been really enthusiastic and helpful, and we have had such epic moments. Totally experiencing a Maldives withdrawal as I reminisce on those good times. Oh well, I’m pretty sure there’s more to come and I look forward to future trips with awesome people!


Group photo time!
Photo Credits: Gavin Goh

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Maybe join me on a dive trip too?
(Desperation in finding a diving kaki — don’t judge! LOL)