Diving Malapascua, Philippines – Thresher Shark Paradise

Diving in Malapascua, Philippines is a mind-blowing experience. Malapascua is widely known for its Thresher Sharks & are frequented by the friendly Thresher Sharks almost every morning. Guarantees can’t be made as all divers know that other than skills you will need luck to spot underwater creature. There is technically no Thresher Shark season, the famous Thresher Sharks can be seen year round in Malapascua.

Monad Shoal, the number one dive site & world famous in Malapascua. Monad Shoal a sunken island that ranges from easily 16 meters with a drop-off that exceeds the limits of recreational diving. The majestic Thresher Sharks live and hunt in this deep water dive site for most of the day. Yet, in the early morning before the sun gets too bright, the Thresher Sharks come up to the depth of  30meters and visit their regular spots around which known as the cleaning stations that found on the top of the reef. Here are how the symbiotic relationship with the cleaning wrasse which eat dead skin and bacteria from the shark’s body, gill and even inside of the mouth as mutually beneficial for both parties. Due to the cleaning benefits, it increase the chance of Thresher Sharks encounter which just like a car wash service for the Thresher Sharks!


Although its fun to dive around with the Thresher Sharks yet rules to be set:

  1. Never cross over to the cleaning station boundary as we all know human are scarier than sharks.
  2. Always hovering or maintaining fin pivot position behind the boundary to protect the corals around.
  3. Always dive within your limit & do not exceed the No-Decompression Limit.
  4. Do not chase any underwater creature especially Thresher Sharks.
  5. No flash light or video light are allow during the dive as Thresher Sharks are very sensitive to light & shy 🙂
  6. Dive Safe & Save the Reef too!

Other than the glorious Thresher Sharks dive in Monad Shoal, there are plenty of dive sites around Malapascua and some of the dive sites have quite unique name – Chocolate Island (make me wonder how the name form), North Point (remind me of North West – Kayne & Kim’s first child), Blue Ray Banks (Can I borrow Ray from the bank?), Galapagos (Galapagos in ASIA??), Gato Island (famous for White-tip Sharks) and more… Surprisingly, Malapascua also well-known for photography with its loaded of macro underwater creature from Mandarinfish, Stonefish, Seahorses, Sea Moth, Scorpionfish, Cuttlefish, Shrimps, Crabs, variety of Nudibranchs & Great Blue-ring Octopus… These underwater creature are around at certain dive sites but never any guarantee. On the other hand, if you understand all the massive reefs thrown in for good measure that draw the occasional pelagic & gorgeous macro animals, then you will be thrilled!

When it comes to the accommodation – Evolution Diving and Beach Resort are one of the best resort and value rooms on Malapascua island, they always have the right room for you. All the rooms are a stones throw away fro the white sandy beach and surrounded by palm trees and hammocks. It is definitely one of the quietest areas that offers you a great location to rest, relax and unwind between and after your diving. All rooms come along with complimentary drinking water and personal terraces that just meters from the lobby, restaurant and dive resort. Their dive boats are generally huge with comfortable space & awesome boat crews who are very helpful throughout every dives which make it very pleasant for the whole trip. They also received the Certificate of Excellence 2016 from Tripadvisor. Evolution Diving and Beach Resort are also one of the resort on the island that build business that not just focusing on giving good dive training and creating quality divers but also awareness for the environment. They believe that all divers have minimal impact on the island they live on, and that they always focus on their eco-friendly principles of “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse”.

Malapascua by far is one of the best dive site in the world with high percentage of spotting Thresher Sharks daily and it is definitely the place that you will enjoy too! No big tourist crowds, friendly resorts mixed with few local villages, outstanding dive sites with affordable price, crystal clear water with white sandy beaches make it for one of the top-notch destination. If you have been to Malapascua Island before, you sure understand how the experience was like!