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PADI Open Water Diver Coursetortle

Get certified to explore a whole new world with the PADI Open Water Diver Course, the #1 Scuba Diving Course in Singapore, and the World! This basic Diver Certification Program will lead you to obtaining a license that is recognised in more than 140 countries around the world, and welcome you to the global diving community.

For just SGD 599, this basic scuba diving course is designed for you to be trained to be certified as an independent diver, allowing you to dive anywhere up to 18m with a dive buddy. If you are completely new to scuba diving, and wish to look for a beginners’ course that gives you the most options to specialise later on, this is great for you!

What course encompasses

  1. Self study on our online learning platform, then attend 1 theory session at the Amazing dive shop for a quick recap, short RDP lesson followed by theory exam.
  2. Pool session at Outram Secondary School. You will go through a 200m swimming and 10 min tread water test, then learn the basic scuba diving skills, which are essential before you go for the trip!
  3. Open Sea Dives on a trip to either Bintan or Tioman. (Best part of the course!) You will practice and be assessed on the basic skills. Afterwards, you also get to dive around and experience the marine life!


Where we dive

Bintan is the nearest and most easily accessible location out of all our dive destinations.  You will stay in Bintan Agro Beach Resort, located at Trikora Beach. Dive sites are only about 10 minutes boat ride away, which makes for a very relaxing dive trip. You can take a stroll by the beach, get a soothing massage at the resort or simply relax at the dining area and enjoy a great view of the open sea!

bintan2Click here for more information regarding Tioman island.

Why dive

The underwater world has something that we can hardly find in our daily lives: tranquility. It’s a peaceful world in down in the sea, all peace and quiet apart from your own breathing. You’ll also get to see many new creatures up close, which is a completely different experience from looking at the through a piece of glass at the SEA Aqaurium!

bintan1Diving is a hobby that brings people from all walks of life together. The Open water license probably won’t be the only takeaway from doing this course; you’ll bring back precious memories and your newfound friends too!

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