Dive Hantu with Amazing Dive

Hey Divers, Amazing Dive blog is back in action!

As you already know, we are no longer going to be the east coast of Malaysia diving season since it is the yearly southwest monsoon season now. Instead, we are going to Pulau Hantu, which is just 45 minutes away from West Coast Pier / Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC).


Amazing Dive was diving in Pulau Hantu for the past weekends, and it was simply amazing! Visibility was about 5 to 7 metres, we spotted plenty of nudibranchs, scorpion fish, lion fish, blue dragons, cuttlefish etc. Our divers had so much fun with all the different kinds of nudibranchs. Look at the photos taken by our divers!

Dive Hantu Blue Dragon

Dive Hantu Shrimp

Dive Hantu Nudi3

Dive Hantu Nudi2

Dive Hantu Nudi1

Dive Hantu Cuttlefish

What’s more? You are diving off MV Nautica with a spacious dive platform, a cup of hot tea and munchies during surface interval, hot shower after diving and BBQ dinner. (If you pick PM2 slot)

Dive Hantu Divers2
Look at those satisfying faces! It must be a good dive! 

Dive Hantu Divers
Ready to jump into water anytime! 

Dive Hantu SI
Hot drinks during surface interval

Dive Hantu BBQ Dinner
BBQ Dinner

We are offering leisure dives as well as diving courses, open water, advanced open water and rescue etc. It is convenient and flexible, 4 time slots a day for you to pick, click here for the details.

Gather you diver / non-diver friends and plan a special weekend in Pulau Hantu!

Photo Credits to : Nadia Cayco, Darren Low, Olivier, Xiao K