An Amazing Brand New Journey Begins…

Amazing Dive’s Instructor Development Course May 2013.



padi idc


Scuba diving addiction can never meet a treatment any better than getting back into water.

Ever since I started blowing bubbles, scuba diving has become a monthly affair for me. Yes! Everyday is a “melt down” day on this hot sunny island.

Therefore, right after completing my advance course, I’m always looking forward to be underneath the seas.

It didn’t take long when I decided that I should do my professional course.

Yes, becoming a professional diver. Besides sharing the passion, also to be able to upgrade my own knowledge, skills and capabilities. Since then I never look back and I’ve also look forward to share this passion with as many as I can.

My role as a dive master came to a “promotion” after the instructors and working partners from Amazing Dive have decided that I’m a suitable candidate, suitable to do the Instructor Development Course (IDC).

This changes my scuba diving journey totally. Besides taking on more responsibility, roles, and job duties. I am totally glad that I have become a part of this scuba diving family. Not forgetting that the training has further sharpens my diving skills, environment awareness and decision making capabilities.

The IDC was a very enriching event. Although I must admit that I hated the studying part of the course. Yes, books and me were never good friends.

When I know that I have to learn and understand Physics, Physiology, Recreational Dive Planner, Skills and Environment, I felt like dying. Ok sleeping maybe. Especially when I have to read them.

Thank god! My IDC with Amazing Dive is supported by a group of passionate and dedicated Staff and Master Instructors who are not just willing to teach, but willing to sacrifice their time, sleep, sometimes I think even health, just to ensure that the IDC Candidates are properly trained, well prepared and ready for the Instructor Exams (IE).

So the journey begins with I first open my physics workbook, asking my mentor, Yongxiang for help.



dive theory


Something about Yongxiang, he’s the always laughing, cheerful smiley instructor who did quite a bit of my Divemaster training.
Always patient and positive, it seems like his looks and his age does not match up with his “underwater maturity” at all.
Ohh.. maybe because we’re all behind a mask underwater? Not forgetting that Yongxiang is also a very playful diver. Ok should save his pranks for another time.

So, the call for help situation arise when I realized that the books are drugged with sleeping pills. I know time will be come an issue since I keep using my books as my pillow, so I got down and met Yongxiang for help on physics.

Boyle’s Law, Dalton’s Law, Charles’s Law, Singapore Law, Malaysia Law… For a moment I thought I’m training to be lawyer. Oh no.. I’m just here to understand gases, pressures, volume, density bla bla bla.

I remember clear rolling my eyes, don’t know giving Yongxiang “what kind of face” whenever I don’t understand. Yet his cool response was to laugh it off, go into deep thoughts and started coming up with more examples hoping that I can at least grasp the concept.

Pretty amazing that he managed to sort the thoughts out in about 3 days. That’s where we started other topics.

Physiology was next! Being a trained paramedic helps!! HOWEVER, only 50% (maybe lesser) of required knowledge is left in my memories. hahaha… Lectures after lunch time is a knowledge terminator!


Richard Mei


Than moving to the other 3 topics, I must say our Master Instructor, Monica, is….. AMAZING!

I can’t really find words to describe here. Put it this way, she became our MUMMY during the course. Obviously, the dedicated team of Instructor Trainers over here didn’t just “put us though a course”. They welcomed us into the Amazing Diving Family!

And that’s the Amazing part of this journey for every one of the candidates. We’ll go through this journey at a post later.
Time to get some tea, relax this Saturday!


Written by Nicholas.

Nicholas started his Divemaster training with Amazing Dive. He is now a Open Water Scuba Instructor, teaching for Amazing Dive.
Hope to share this joy and love for blowing bubbles.